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Designations and Deligations

Posted on 15 Feb 2015 @ 8:06am by Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers & Lieutenant JG Perei

Mission: Boarded
Location: Science Department
Timeline: To Be Determined

Lieutenant Perei stepped into the science department and looked around and paused a long moment not quite sure who was the Department Chief and who was not.

Rogers looked up from his desk. Noticing the Lieutenant, Rogers put the tricorder he had been looking at down, and got up and approached her, a somewhat quizzical look on his face. "May I help you Lieutenant?" He asked.

Perei looked the man into his deep blue eyes as she replied him. "Sir, Lieutenant junior grade Perei, reporting for duty."

Rogers smiled as he looked her over. "That's right - we met at the Captain's briefing. At last, another Science person I can talk with!" Rogers cleared his throat and then said; " Lieutenant JG Kenwood Rogers, Cheif Science Officer of the Black Hawk. Welcome aboard. Have you had a chance to find your quarters yet?"

Perei raised an eyebrow at his query as she continued to meet his blue eyes. "No, Lieutenant Rogers. I preferred to report to my superiors first and request my duties."

Rogers smiled again. "That's good, Lieutenant. When I came on board they were announcing the briefing; I hurled my bag into my quarters and hurried off to the meeting. I wasn't the first, but I wasn't the last either. Now, let's get down to what you'll be doing. You won't be 'assisting' me - as of right now *we* are the Science Department, other than some 'techs' that run tests for us or will be sending our reports to others at a notice. One thing I would like to make clear, and believe me, this is not a knock at you or your duties, but though there are two Science stations on the Bridge, and I plan to run this request by the Captain, I would not like for the both of us - *Unless ordered or asked for by the Captain or XO,* to be at both Science stations at the same time; in the wild case the Bridge or this Section here, one area will still be covered. That ok with you?"

Perei looked at Rogers her eyebrow still raised her light tone serious and full of wonderment all at the same time, had Star Fleet changed that much since her last billing "You are telling a joke correct? I am not to go to the bridge except when ordered and yet I am not your assistant and I do not report to you." Her caramel colored eyes met his bright blue ones, hints of questions flowed through hers. "Because your reasoning is by your own admission that the ship departed without enough officers in the science department? Sir, that seems highly irregular and illogical."

Rogers leaned back in his chair. Lieutenant, you are absolutely right - there's no reason for the two of us *not* to be on the Bridge at the same time, and it will be great working side by side with you. As to the comment about the 'Science crew,' I was rechecking the ship's roster; we have some assistants under us in this section, but Star Fleet, in it's infinite wisdom, has seen fit to 'bolster the crews' serving under several departments on this ship, and took from 'Peter to pay Paul,' Science being 'Peter.' Sooo, there may be times when we find ourselves cleaning our own test tubes. That ok with you?"

Perei smiled "Of course, any tasks you wish to have assigned to me I will do without protest."

Rogers then went on to another subject. " The Captain has tasked our Department with finding *anything of substance* in the section of space we'll be venturing into in order to give 'The Powers That Be" something to look at. It could be, for instance, relics or remnants of a civilization , or even contact with said folks. Or a measuring of a possible planet getting ready to implode, things along that line. That is what we'll be working on as we venture forth. Do you have any questions?"

Perei paused and stood quietly before her chief for a very long moment as she processed what had been said it dawned on her that this man had arrived hours or days before she had. "Sir, I apologize. I feel we have a misunderstanding. I was under the distinct impression that you have been with the ship from the beginning. Forgive me my impertinence." Perei flushed slightly and looked around the room before she met his deep blue eyes once more. "I have no queries. Do you have any of me?"

Rogers smiled back at her. "Not at this time." He then pointed to a desk in the opposite corner. "That's your work station while here, decorate it as you seem fit, try out the chair, then check the computer library forany planet in this system that look 'interesting."

"Yes Sir." Perei replied and noted that the last person to use the desk had left it a mess.

Rogers noticed Perei and replied, "If it's *any* consolation, my desk was a mess too.

Perei glanced up at the man, he was extraordinarily tall and she ended up with her head tilted further then normal. "It does make me feel a bit better to know that, thank you."

Rogers grinned. "Lieutenant, you know how many people I've had to say '..I'm up here..'(pointing at his head) to? And half of them were women, and they got my inside joke." Now, I'm going to get back to this bit of data regarding keeping our stations here in contact with our stations on the Bridge, you are free to roam around the 'office,' and check things out on your own, though at some time you may wish to make sure that the wires, etc., behind your station here are connected, and fully operational. Otherwise, the station is *yours* to decorate as you wish." Rogers stopped, then added something. "Just as long as what ever you put there wouldn't interfere with operations in an emergency." With that, Rogers got back to his padd and screen.

Perei nodded "Yes Lieutenant" Perei sighed inwardly as she wondered about the various projects that she had acquired her past years service at the university and was in the middle of being studied. She moved to the space assigned and started to organize it. Perhaps she should have stayed at the university, it was far to late now. "move forward" She muttered to herself

Rogers noted Perei's expression, and then said " Oh Lieutenant, if possibly you're working on anything , feel free to use the facilities. I've got a little project myself that I'm working on during my 'time off duty.' "

"Perhaps sometime in the future, Lieutenant Rogers, if you are willing you can share the details of that project. At the moment however if you do not mind I think I should like to retire a bit. My head has begun to hurt where I bumped it. A side effect I think."

A look of concern flashed across Rogers' face. "Ok, I'll see you in while then. Get a good rest - I've got a hunch that we're going to be busy the next few days. Dismissed."

Perei waited for dismissal and then left.

Lieutenant j.g. Perei
Alien Archaeologist and Anthropologist

Lieutenant j.g. Rogers
CSO - USS Black Hawk


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