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Posted on 05 Feb 2015 @ 4:18am by Lieutenant JG Perei

Mission: Boarded
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: MD 1 - 1450 hours

Perei looked around the office for that last minute item that it seemed that one always found a way to forget. She spied it in the corner, an old fashioned leather bound book, way over sized. Inside it was some very prized possessions. Old fashioned charcoal rubbings from various relics that needed to be translated into a language that others could understand.

Perei flashed a grin at herself for actually checking to make sure she had everything. So often she as a professor would forget the stack of papers to grade or that one ancient text she wanted to review before she went into class for the day. Her grin widened, those days were behind her. The future lay as an open sky over the next dusty pile of dirt, a bit murky but view able.

A crunch of something was heard from the door behind her, as Perei turned. There stood Charlie, her friend and confidant of these many years at the University. Between bites of a yellow apple Charlie asked “Did you remember everything?”

Perei nodded and held up the bound book “This is the last of it; she then gently placed it inside of her one of a four crates and sealed it shut. She turned slowly around, as she glanced back once more. “That is it. I am ready for departure.” She hooked her arm into Charlie’s arm, “Please say you have time to help me move this to the stack by the door so it can be picked up and ready for transport, in an hour.”

Charlie nodded and grabbed a handle as she crunched on her apple once more and asked “Perei, are you sure about this? It is and will be an extremely different from where and what you are doing. A ship, it prohibits you. When you get upset you cannot and will not be able to walk away and go gallivanting off to some dig to play in the dirt.”

Perei rolled her eyes at her friend even as a small smile crept back into her face. “I know, I know and yes. I am ready for this move. I’ve accepted that he,” She paused and corrected herself “That they are gone and really, it will be alright. Time to move on as my siblings said.” Perei grunted softly as she lifted her side of the box up on top of the other three. She wasn’t the strongest half-vulcan but she certainly wasn’t as weak as her human friend.

The box in place Perei looked at Charlie once more. Her dark eyes threatened to fill with tears but she blinked them back as she swallowed the lump in her throat. “I said I wasn’t going to cry, so I shan’t.”

Charlie held out her arms “Come here and give me a hug.”

Perei hugged her friend. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I know, but you know where I will be, so send me a message now and again and maybe I will even reply.” Charlie said

The two hugged for another long moment and then separated.

They turned and headed towards the vehicle that would take her to the transport ship that would connect with Black Hawk.

Charlie waved at the vehicle and took one more bite of her apple before she turned to return to the building for her last class of the day. She tossed the core into one of the many bio-degradable containers on the campus puckered her forehead and would remember to send a message to Perei later to make sure that she let her know that she had arrived safely.

[On the transport ship towards the Black Hawk]

Perei’s ride one would say would have been wonderful if it had been uneventful as is it. It was not. The transport ship almost forgot her luggage. When PErei queried about them. The officer in charge a blue skinned man by the name of Hart remembered they had to make arrangements for the crates to be delivered which put them a half an hour behind. Perei tried not to think about the delays but the more she did the more frustrated she became until she sat on the edge of the chair, and clenched her fists, her stomach knotted. That however would soon be forgotten when suddenly the ship lurched. “What was that?” Perei asked the empty room she sat it.. She stood up abruptly and headed back towards the bridge. The ship lurched again as if it swerved to avoid hitting something. Perei was knocked off her feet and she went down hard, her head cracked the edge of a table.

When she came too another man knelt over her and tapped her face. “Suggar, wes at yous spot to get off. Suggar, yous ok to stands up?” Perei looked up at the man her vision seemed clouded and she couldn't comprehend it.

She placed her hand on her face it came back with half dried blood on it.

“Suggars awakes, yous transports nows.” The man said

Perei opened her mouth to ask ‘what happened?’ but it never came out as she dematerialized in front of him to stand on a transporter pad aboard the Black Hawk.

Lt. jg Perei, SciO


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