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Posted on 11 Feb 2020 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo MD

Mission: Epilogue

A bar was the sort of place one could go to when they were off duty, had some time to kill, wanted to socialize, but also where one could go to find isolation. It was interesting that no matter how crowded or not Talons was, if you wanted to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the world around you, you could if you pleased. Doctor Landon Milo was not seeking to run away from anybody or anything. He was just running with no destination ahead and no plans. In some ways, it felt as though he was running just for the hell of it.

Landon was not one to drink. He barely even touched the synthetic stuff, but he was not due in Sickbay...he was not due anywhere for a good long while. He had a bunch of leave saved up, but he would not even need to touch any of it. He could have tried to go somewhere; However, he did not make any requests for shore leave nor did he make any arrangements for a currier nor transport to intercept at designated coordinates. He was on forced leave in which he, of course, had not planned. He had nothing to do except think about the Black Hawk and not having to report for duty. Several days of not having to wear a uniform or conduct any examinations had started to add up and days would become weeks, and there was no telling when the purgatory would end.

He looked a bit gloomy as withdrawn as he took a seat at the bar of talons. He had already ordered his drink, something fruity and alcoholic. It was a Betazoid/Human fusion drink; An uttaberry daiquiri. The blue-green drink was not all that appealing looking to the eyes of many, but the sweet scent of uttaberry and the stinging of the alcohol to taste was something he could easily get obsessed with if he was not too careful. The barstools to either side of him were vacant for the time being as he stared off in the distance.

Sensing a lull in the customers, Selah glanced around the bar to see if everyone seemed satisfied. Her eyes landed on the man at the bar who she didn't think she'd met, but she had possibly seen wandering the ship in science blue. He didn't look as happy as most people did when they came here. That just wouldn't do. "The daiquiri not living up to expectations?" she asked as she approached.

Landon blushed and held back a small giggle at that observance. He found himself locking eyes with a woman when he looked up. "No, it's not the daiquiri. The daiquiri is actually delicious" he said to her. "I'm just gloomy because I miss my friends and I do not know where I will end up" he explained. "I could be reassigned somewhere and I would hate that. I don't want to serve under another Captain."

"I know what you mean," replied selah, leaning on the counter and resting her chin in one hand. "I mean, I'm not technically serving under him, but I feel loyalty all the same. He's easy to deal with. Even when he was grumpy," she added with a grin.

"Oh but he's so damn attractive when he is grumpy" groaned Landon blushing afterward, "Damn these Uttaberry daiquiris are addictive and apparently have more alcohol in them than I am used to handling" he added a little embarrassed by what he just had said. "I've known the Captain a while, but I try to keep my distance from him now. It is easier for me and in general easier because I'm just Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but there's not a thing I would not do for that man."

"A lot of people feel that way," agreed Selah. "It's like he's got this crazy ability to attract peoples' loyalties. I've never seen anything like it."

"Oh he does" replied Landon with a quick smile. "That is why he's the Captain. He used to be a medical doctor, even made Chief Medical Officer...but then I guess the call to the Captain's chair snagged him and he left for 'redder' pastures" stated the Doctor. "I can't say I blame him for that. Not by choice, but I've done the same, sitting in the Captain's chair and trying to find my authoritative voice."

"I feel like I'd make a great Captain," mused Selah. "But when you're this tiny, you have to have a much bigger voice or nobody takes you seriously. Plus, I really like tending bar. It's always fun throwing drunks out; nobody expects me to be as strong as I am." She grinned, eyes twinkling.

"Big things come in small packages" offered Landon. "I'm not the galaxy's most physical guy, but when you take the Captain's chair you find your deep voice. You find that commanding presence, and the bridge becomes your stage. You must own it or you will be owned by the weight of command crushing you beneath it" he explained, using his past experience. "Throwing out drunks is probably quite fun...any more drinks and you might have to throw me out. I need to pace myself."

“Nah, you seem reasonable,” replied Selah, absentmindedly wiping the bar with the towel that had been sling over her shoulder. “I’m sure you know when it’s time to quit.” She slung the towel back over her shoulder. “But yeah, this job suits me. “I mean my job is to literall talk to people and as you can see, I am very good at it.”

Landon laughed "I think people tell you more things about themselves medically or otherwise than they do me or the Chief Medical Officer" he replied. "Something tells me we would be in better business if we had a bar in Sickbay" pondered Landon.

"It occurs to me, though, that I'm not bound by HIPAA regulations," she mused. "I could always tip you guys off." She winked to show she was joking. "Seriously, though, open bar at Sick Bay. That sounds like a great idea."

"I'll certainly consider it" replied Landon. "Excuse me, I must be going before I pass out on your lovely bar" he teased.



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