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Physical - Ryler

Posted on 12 Feb 2020 @ 12:55pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Epilogue
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: January 2390

For the eighth time today, Jayla praised the fact that she didn't have to complete a physical for everyone on the ship. In fact, there was only one more today. Zayna Ryler, the new assistant chief science officer, would be arriving at any moment. Jayla rather looked forward to it; it meant meeting new people and someone as extroverted as she was couldn't help but enjoy that part.

Having avoided it for a few months, mostly due to not the entire crew being on board the ship, Zayna knew there was no more chances to avoid it, especially considering they were launching soon. Having finished her duties for that day, she made her way down to sickbay, figuring it was best to just get it over with. She hated physicals as much as the next person, and hated being in sickbay even more.

But, once she was there, she looked around, trying to find anyone who was there.

"Hi!" said a cheerful, petite blond as she approached. "I'm nurse Lane. How can I help you?"

Smiling at the nurse, Zayna nodded. "Finally decided to come in for my physical before we headed off."

“Of course!” replied Lane cheerfully. “Come with me and I’ll get Doctor Kij for you.”

"Thank you," Zayna said as she followed.

Once Nurse Lane has Zayna settled on a biobed, she headed off to find the Doctor, who appeared less than a minute later. “Hi!” said Jayla cheerfully. “I’m Doctor Jayla Kij. And you would be lieutenant Ryler?”

"I am indeed," Zay stated as she looked to the Doctor. "Figured I've put off my physical long enough," she said as a grin crossed her face. "Bet you get a lot of people who do that."

"You have no idea," Jayla answered, taking out her tricorder and beginning preliminary scans. "You're not bad. Only a couple months overdue, and that can be excused because the ship has been under a skeleton crew. I've had people put it off for years. Literally years! I usually end up scheduling a mandatory physical for them and making it immovable. I have a friend who once put on a little black dress and found her patient in the ship's bar, then pretended she wanted to sleep with him and instead of leading him to her quarters, led him to Sick Bay." She grinned. "I only wish I could have seen that."

Zayna smirked. "I've never seen anyone go quite THAT far. I'm normally pretty on top of them, but considering I had a sort of physical less than a year ago, I figured pushing this off to closer to launch would be okay. There was a reason for that physical though, and not a reason I'm a fan of."

“Anything I should be aware of?” asked Jayla. “Professionally, of course,” she added, indicating that if it didn’t affect her long term, she didn’t have to tell her.

Knowing this question was coming, Zay sighed and looked down at her hands. "My medical records should show it but...recent injuries due to a physical assault, and a miscarriage due to that same assault. I didn't know I was pregnant at the time though." She didn't look up, as it would be a lot to take in.

"It's there, but it doesn't give the reason," Jayla replied gently. "I'm sorry that happened to you. If you ever need someone to talk to who isn't a counselor, I'm here."

"Thank you, but I did a lot of that. I'm actually glad to be away from where I was. The one who did it to me...he's still at large. He escaped custody. No one can seem to find him."

"With any luck, he'll never turn up," Jayla replied. "Let's not talk about that anymore. Have any hobbies? Any good holonovels?"

Zayna shook her head, "Haven't had any chance to do anything. Last mission had us fighting the Klingons so I didn't get to relax on my last ship, only visit my friend's kids. She just happened to be on board. But, I actually make holodeck programs, when I get the chance."

"That's great," replied Jayla. "I've never tried doing that. The barkeep was going to write a detective holonovel awhile ago. Her name is Selah, so she figured we'd make a great detective teams because we rhyme." She grinned. "I wonder if she ever finished that."

"I've got a few of those but they aren't very good. No matter how many times I try to make them more challenging, everyone seems to get through them easily on the first try. But I haven't attempted to update them in years. Takes practice to be able to do the programming behind it."

“And I didn’t even take engineering extension courses in the academy,” Jayla added. “Even my cross training was flight. I don’t even trust myself to put the tricorders on their chargers. Okay, that’s an exaggeration,” she laughed. “But you get the idea.”

Zayna smirked. "I'm no engineer, all science. But it was something I picked up when I was younger, the programming parts."

"I guess I was preoccupied by the time most of my friends were programming holodeck programs," Jayla admitted. "I never tried."

"Sure you can still pick it up if you want. Or if there's something you are wanting made, I don't mind whenever there is time."

"Hm, a custom made holo program," Jayla mused. "I never thought about it before. I usually stick with Doctor Who."

Zayna raised an eyebrow, "One of the few I've not tried. Maybe someday." She leaned back a bit on the biobed. "So, what's the prognosis, doc? Will I live?" She couldn't help but smirk. Last time she'd been in a sickbay, she'd been told what happened with her abuse. At least this visit wasn't like that.

"Just barely," joked Jayla, snapping her tricorder closed. "No issues at all. You're the picture of perfect health."

"Oh, haha," Zay said with a smirk. "So much better than my last time in a sickbay. At least I know I'm healed up from before. Still ache on occasion but that was to be expected."

"Yeah, severe injuries will do that," agreed Jayla. "If it's ever too much, feel free to come by for some pain killers."

Zayna nodded. "Its only ever gotten that way once, but we were in the middle of a Klingon battle so there wasn't anything I could do, especially being the temporary first officer at the time. But I will, thanks." She let her feet hit the floor and headed out.


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