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Science-y Stuff

Posted on 08 Jan 2023 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Commander John Reynolds

Mission: Regrouping
Location: Science Offices
Timeline: MD 1 || Mid-afternoon

It was mid-afternoon and had already been a busy day of meetings. The meeting with the Chief Science Officer was next. He hoped it wouldn't be one where he nodded his head a lot at the Science details. Still, he was looking forward to it. John made it to the offices and rang the chime. Theses treks around the ship were certainly making it easier to familiarize himself with it.

Zayna was trying to organize things, all while trying to finalize the list for the science team. The chime at her office door made her jump a little, as she wasn't expecting anyone to show up. Glancing to the door, she let out a soft sigh, "Come in." Just maybe she'd get her work done and get time to sit.

John walked in and saw the woman busy with her organization. "Afternoon, Lieutenant. I'm Commander Reynolds, new First Officer. I'm trying to get some initial introductions out of the way before any official meetings. I hope I'm not interrupting."

Putting a smile on her face, "Not at all, Commander. Just trying to finalize schedules as I get team members information. I had heard we were getting a new first officer coming in, but that was all. How are you liking it so far?"

John nodded to the Lieutenant's scheduling statement. He knew he'd be starting administrative things soon enough. "So far, it's not bad. I still have to read through old mission reports for the Black Hawk to see what I'm up against. What are your thoughts? Has it been a roller coaster since you got assigned?"

"Er, you could say that." Zay couldn't help but smirk. "My understanding is even before I joined the crew it was a roller coaster. I don't mind though, adds adventure to the whole thing. Most of the time, our orders don't go as planned. But if they did, we wouldn't likely have any fun."

John chuckled. "It sounds like Starfleet all-around...adding adventure, orders going sideways, and lots of fun. Anything stand out to you on your last couple of missions from the science department aspect that made it a roller coaster?" Mission reports were one thing, getting it from the source was another.

Zayna shook her head with a small laugh. "I got to investigate rust on the ship. Yes, actual rust. It was from something that happened prior to me being on board the ship, but quite the adventure."

"Space rust...," John said as he shook his head. "I've never heard of a such a thing before." This ship was an interesting one to say the least. "Well, aside from space rust, how does everything in the science department round out generally for you?"

"Seems to. I mean, other than the little oddballs like that every once in a while, it is a normal science team." She shook her own head, "Well, as normal as Starfleet science can get anymore."

John laughed. "As normal as Starfleet can get anymore. Period. Things seem to be getting crazier and crazier. But I'm glad to hear to it. How have you personally been doing through it all? Has it affected you negatively?"

Sitting in thought for a moment, Zay shook her head, "Nah. Not any more than anything in Starfleet would. It made me look back in the ship's history a bit since what I was dealing with happened before I came on board though. Sometimes, old missions put things in perspective of what the crew has dealt with."

John nodded as he listened. He was glad to meet someone who didn't seem to be bothered by or affected by the things that were going on. "Yeah, I've been told that reading the previous mission reports is something I need to do."

"I still don't know what all happened to this crew before I came on board. I'm sure you'll hear from those who've been on board longest about things that have happened."

"Oh I have no doubt about that," said John. "Whether directly or indirectly. Though, I've been seeing a lot of random crew members that have that 'new assignment' face. So I don't know if there's too many long-running personnel. At any rate, glad to see that you're resettling in okay. You mentioned earlier about trying to finalize schedules as you get information. How is your staff? Do you have any that have been here a while or are they all brand new?"

Zay nodded to the PADD on her desk, "Half and half. They pulled a few away, but I'm gaining new people. Finding out how they all mesh is going to be an interesting task, that is for sure."

John laughed. "It always is. Like how this mixture of new and old crew across the ship is going to mesh. I think we all have our work cut out for us. But here's hoping it's not too much of a rock road."

"I hope that as well. If crews can't mesh, it makes for a messy situation and a lot of conflicts."

"It absolutely does," said John. "Speaking of making sure everyone meshes, I should let you get back to your staffing and organizing. If you need anything, let me know." He smiled and scooted the edge of the chair in preparation to stand.

Zayna gave a smile and stood. "Thank you, Commander. Job of a department chief is never done."

"As is the job of the Executive Officer," said John. He stood and returned her nod. "Good day to you." He smiled and turned to head out the door.


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