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Moving Day

Posted on 20 Jan 2023 @ 1:15am by Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Regrouping
Location: Captain’s Quarters
Timeline: Day 1 || Early Afternoon

Harvey had always known that the Black Hawk-A would never have been a permanent home. What he had failed to anticipate was how temporary it would be. All his career, he had moved from assignment to assignment year after year. The longest he'd ever stayed in one place was Starbase 211. And even with all of the craziness in the Gamma Quadrant, Harvey had sworn that the Century-class would have been his family's home for several years.

He was wrong.

Not only did he lose his ship and most of his crew, Harvey and Joey now had the unpleasant task of uprooting their two children and transferring to a smaller ship with less amenities. Their quarters, thankfully, had been enlarged for their unique situation prior to their arrival.

Walking around the new Black Hawk was eerie for Harvey. Part of it felt like seeing an old friend. Part of it felt like seeing a ghost. Part of it felt like he was starting something completely brand new. The colors were sleeker, the paint shinier. And, he hoped that he wouldn't have to move his family again for several years.

All Harvey carried was little Alison. She and her brother were fourteen months old now, each one capable of walking, but now was not the time for that. They needed to get settled, and all of the crates and bags and other supplies would need to be removed from the corridors first. Well, that among other things.

Soon enough, they came across the entrance to their cabin. The nameplate had been updated, listing the residents as Captain Geisler, H, and Lieutenant Commander Geisler, J. Harvey chuckled, noting the selective efficiency of the yard engineers. With his free hand, he tapped a button by the door. His fingerprint unlocked the door and activated the motion sensor, triggering the door to open and to recognize his family's future approaches.

"Welcome to our new home everyone," he said as he stepped inside.

Joey stepped through the door with Jameson on her hip and the leashes of Rico and Pequeno in her free hand, pausing for a moment just to the side of the doorway to look at their new home. It felt different... new, but just like each time before, it would soon become familiar once they'd had the chance to unpack. And, even now, she was mentally deciding where certain things would go.

A tug to her arm snapped her out of her thoughts, drawing her attention to the two canines that were all too eager to explore their new surroundings. She detached their leashes from their collars, then watched as both dogs took off,, leaving no surface unsniffed. "I think they'll like it here," she said with a smile, setting their son on the ground when he started to wiggle. It wasn't long before he was following the dogs, babbling something she only wished she could understand as he went. "And, I do believe Jameson will, too."

She turned her attention to her husband and their daughter. "It's familiar and not all at the same time, but will definitely become more so once we've unpacked."

Harvey sighed. He could tell Joey was putting on a brave face, or at least that's what he assumed. Losing the Black Hawk-A was a huge hit to his pride, not to mention the damage done to the already precarious relationship between he and Admiral O'Connell. Just because Harvey understood the reasoning behind the recent turn of events didn't mean that he had to automatically enjoy -- or at least -- be okay with it.

"Starfleet quarters," he mumbled. "You've seen one, you've seen them all."

Alison wiggled in his arms, a non-verbal indicator that she wanted to get down to chase after the dogs. Harvey obliged, hoping that his spirits would lift as he watched his children play.

Joey reached out to take his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. She could only imagine what he must have been feeling in this moment. "Everything will be okay," she said, hoping to reassure him. It was unknown how long being okay would take, but it would happen. Joey planned to see to that for all of them.

"If only the heart and the brain could agree on that," he remarked, watching the children and dogs. "You and I both have been reassigned on countless occasions, so this is nothing new. It's just... I really thought that the Black Hawk... the last Black Hawk... well, that we'd be there for a while longer."

"I thought the same thing, but if life in space has taught me anything, it's taught me that things can change in the blink of an eye," she said, hoping to help him in some way. "It's a lot of change... a lot sooner than either of us would have liked... but at least we can take comfort in the fact that we got to return to this version of the Black Hawk together." After all... many of their original crew hadn't returned... her best friend Mila being one of them.

"I always did have a fondness for the original," Harvey confirmed. "The Akira is quite a unique ship built for a different era of Starfleet. And we really didn't get the chance to know the original like we could have. This one's quite the upgrade though."

"See? Looking to the bright side ready," Joey pointed out with a smile. Sure, she missed their previous ship, but had every intention of giving this one a fair shot. Once things were unpacked, she was sure things would look up even more. For all of them.

Rico, who was experiencing a serious case of the zoomies, tore through the living room, stopping the twins in their tracks. They watched as the canine ran through the main living area, onto the couch from one end to the other, off the side, then shot right by them once again. It didn't take long for him to come back to repeat the entire process, earning belly laughs from both children.

Joey couldn't help but laugh with them. There was no sound better as far as she was concerned.

Harvey chuckled, followed by a short laugh. As depressed as he was, he knew he could always count on his loved ones for a much needed energy boost. “How are you doing, Joey?” Most of the time, Harvey could tell when she was being honest, or in a cheer-up mode. Over the last few weeks, Harvey’s downturned mood made it hard for him to get a good read.

“I’m okay,” she answered honestly. “Mostly worried about you and getting settled in again.”

“You have every right to worry.” Harvey watched Jameson fall on his diapered butt as Pequeno snuggled up beside the child. “I’ve never taken loss or defeat well. Losing two starships in three years… it’s a wonder I’m not even being court martialed.”

“I don’t think you can be blamed for those losses, though, and I think I’m the only one that feels that way, which is why you’re not being court martialed,” Joey pointed out. She was hopeful that in time she would be able to help him out of this, and really hoped he was willing to let her. “I don’t blame you for what happened, and if I were to ask the crew, I don’t think they would blame you, either.”

“All 57 of them, probably,” Harvey sighed. “That’s how many are coming over from the last ship. We’re picking up over 400 more that have never served with any of us. It’ll be basically a brand new crew.”

Joey couldn’t hide her surprise. She knew of a few individuals that weren’t returning, but she never fathomed there were so many people that weren’t coming back. Of course, when Starfleet decided to reassign someone, that usually meant following through. “Sometimes a fresh start can be a good thing, and that’s exactly what this is,” she pointed out with a smile, hoping it might help a little. “A new ship. A new crew. As much as change can be scary, it can be good, too. We just have to give it a fair chance. I’m more than willing to do that.” She looked to the twins and dogs who were settled on the floor playing, then turned her attention back to him. “I think the four of them are, too. How about you?”

Harvey considered the question. It wasn’t that he was unwilling. It just wasn’t what he had expected the future to be. Then again, this situation was not the first time he’d lost the future he’d hoped for. Seeing the kids play with the dogs, it was a dream he had with Alison all those years ago. That, of course, never had a chance of being realized thanks to the Dominion. And here he was, camping in their backyard.

He sighed, letting go of those emotions and struggles, and affixed a smile on his face. Harvey turned to Joey and said, “I am too.” He slipped an arm around her waist and drew her close. “To a fresh start.”

Joey returned his smile. She planned to keep a close eye on him. Of course, she believed him when he said that he was willing, but for him as a Commanding Officer, losing two ships… a great deal of his crew… it was much different. “It’s all going to be okay, my love,” she said, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek.

Harvey closed his eyes, savoring the feeling for a moment. He tightened the embrace and allowed all his emotions to hold her tightly. Her hair covered half his face, and he didn’t care, taking a moment to let the scent of her hair distract him from his strife. “Thank you, my love,” he replied, meaning every word.

“You are most welcome, and when you feel like you might need a hug, you’ve got three people here who are more than willing to provide them,” she said, slipping her arms around his waist. “And two dogs that are pretty good for cuddles and kisses.”

At the mention of kisses, Rico raised his head and looked their way before going back to giving Alison a bath his way. The little girl didn’t seem to mind it, either. In fact, she was giggling.

Jameson turned to his laughing sister and paused in wonder, trying to figure out what she was laughing. Pequeno, meanwhile, nuzzled up against the young boy, trying to regain his attention.

Harvey did not look down to see this, knowing that their children had already found comfort in their true home, and that was with their family, wherever that was. He loosened their embrace, but not released, as he moved his head from being tucked in her neck and hair and placed his forehead against her. “Forgive me for sometimes forgetting how good we have it, and that the worst days are behind us.”

“There is nothing to forgive,” she said softly, closing her eyes and relishing in a moment of peace with her husband. “Things haven’t been easy lately, and I can’t guarantee that they’ll ever be, but what I can, is that I’ll be there for you in every way you need me to be.”

He appreciated that, and he told her so with a smile. There were days he didn’t know what he did to deserve her and the kids, and today was one of them. He leaned in, kissed her forehead, and said, “Well I suppose we should start getting settled, beginning with the kids’ room.”

“I think that you’re right,” she agreed. “And maybe we should give them a few of their toys to keep them occupied while we start bringing everything inside.”

That made Harvey laugh, and laugh terribly loud. “Keep them occupied! That’s like snapping your fingers once to change an Orion’s skin from green to orange. But yes, let’s get started. Having everything delivered is just one combadge tap away.”

Joey smiled. It was nice hearing that laugh. “Rico and Pequeno are quite entertaining, you know. I think this might be the longest both of them have been still all day.*

“An attribute of their formal K-9 training, I’m sure.” Harvey noted. “Be careful though. Once Camila hears about the personnel shortage, she may come to you and try and enlist them once again.” Before Joey could respond, he tapped his badge and issued permission to the quartermaster to begin delivery of their belongings.

“If they want to join Starfleet some day, I’ll try to be supportive, but a big part of me hopes they won’t.”

“I was referring to Rico and Pequeno,” Harvey said as the first rounds of transporter whines could be heard. “It’ll be a cold day in hell before either kid gets drafted into the service.”

“They don’t go anywhere without me, and I’m no longer Security, which means they aren’t, either. However… should she need help, I don’t mind stepping in and consulting,” Joey said, looking toward the two children and two dogs. “I’m glad we agree on them joining, though.”

Harvey turned his attention to four large crates that now occupied their living room. He checked each of the labels and scoffed. “Naturally, the quartermaster missed the first batch. They sent up your stuff, and my stuff. Nothing for the kids yet.”

“We’ll have to do the best we can at entertaining them until their stuff makes it,” she said, moving to one of the crates to start opening it. “Though, they’ll be much more interested in our things than their own, I think.”

“If we can find a blanket,” Harvey suggested, opening one of the crates, “then we could create a box fort. Those are always great for fun.”

Joey opened one of the crates and began to look through it, pulling a blanket from it. “You know what I think we should do?”

“What’s that?” Harvey asked, reaching for one of the crates to remove it from the stack and reposition it.

“Well,” Joey began as she began to help move some of the things around so they could build a proper fort. “I think we should take advantage of this with them. Maybe watch a movie or something. We can save the unpacking for when they’re taking a nap.”

Harvey paused for a moment, finding a few new ideas in his mind. “You know, Mrs. Geisler, I think that is a fantastic idea.” He pulled out a blanket from the box he had and began to shake it out.

Alison turned her attention toward her parents and appeared to be very interested in what they were doing. She pushed herself to her feet and toddled her way toward them while her brother stayed with Rico and Pequeno. Her father shaking the blanket was, by far, the most interesting, and had her laughing each time Harvey shook it.

“It amazes me what little ones find entertaining.” Joey said. “But… as long as they’re happy, so am I.”

And that was a lesson for Harvey. His happiness would be found not just in what he was doing, but his family as well. He needed to work on that. “So true, Joey. So true.”


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