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What a Day Part 3 [Backpost]

Posted on 25 Jan 2017 @ 9:20am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Ensign Aidan Crehan

2,664 words; about a 13 minute read

Mission: Endgame
Location: Mila and Aidan's Quarters
Timeline: MD 11 || 1700 Hours

He looked down into her eyes and smiled. It was a conversation that he had been expecting to have any time. It was a conversation that he had heard other El-Aurians talk about having had with non-El-Aurians. And the fact that Mila had brought it up meant that it was on her mind and heart and needed to be addressed. "It is something that my people have had to come to terms with for millennia. We know it and we expect it. It doesn't scare me as much as I imagine that it does you," he said. "But it is something that we can get through together. I will never force you to stay with me. That choice is yours to make. But it would break my heart too, if you were to release me. You have no idea how much," he added as he pulled her close for a hug. "You are more than a moment in my history, Mila. You are a part of me. But, does it scare you? The future? Our future, whatever it may hold?"

She held him to her and listened to his words and knew she couldn't bring herself to release him or be released by him. Even though they had been together only a short time, she had never found anyone like him in all the time she had spent among the stars. Finally, she took a breath and answered him. "Da, I am being scared, but I am also very determined," she said. "Determined to be staying with you and to be making a life with you, Aidan. No matter what."

He waited for her to respond. It was indeed a weighty question and he anticipated a moment before her response. "I like your honesty, my love. Thank you. And you are a very determined woman, I have seen that." He paused and smiled. "I am glad to hear of your determinations, for they are the same as mine. Let us make a wonderful life together, Mila. As you put it, no matter what." He leaned in and whispered in her ear. "I love you." Then he hugged her. Tight.

"As I love you," Mila responded before she released him and took a step back. "You are asking for song earlier and even though we have not finished eating, I am having song just for you. I do not wish it to scare you for it is just song, but is song about how I am feeling. Are you wishing to hear it now or do you wish to finish dinner?"

"I will not let it scare me, then. Please, sing your feelings," he said. "I wish to hear them. We can always finish dinner later; my Russian songbird is more pleasant to the ears than a salad is to the stomach." He stepped back and allowed her enough room to sing.

"The song is being called O Bozhe Kakoj Muzhchina," she said as she stepped back and instructed the computer to play just the instrumental to it before she began to sing.

"Ty vorvalsia v zhizn' moiu nezhdanno,
Izmenil moiu real'nost'.
Mysli mertsaiut, na serdtse vspyshki
I liubov' bez peredyshki.

Vse nachinalos', kak nevinnyi flirt,
A teper' pust bez tebia moi mir.
Ty volshebnyi, ty s drugoi planety
I ty iz moei mechty.


O bozhe, kakoi muzhchina!
Ia khochu ot tebia syna.
I ia khochu ot tebia dochku.
I tochka, i tochka!

Ne khvatit vsekh na svete nezhnykh slov,
Chtoby opisat' moiu liubov'.
I po nocham ne plakat' po melocham,
Ty kak vremia lechish' moiu pechal'.

Znaiu ia, liubov' moia vzaimna.
Zhenshchina prekrasna, kogda liubima.
Ty volshebnyi, ty s drugoi planety,
Ty iz moei mechty.


Ty Гена Cavill i Bred Pitt v odnom flakone,
Kak samyi luchshii ty zapisan v telefone.
I ty volshebnyi, ty s drugoi planety,
Ia na vse voprosy k tebe nashla otvety.

O bozhe, kakoi muzhchina!


"That was beautiful," said Aidan. "You simply get better and better with each song. How do you find time to practice? And no, I was not scared. I am glad to hear your feelings. No, I am honored, Mila." He walked up to her and hugged her. "Shall we have some more of our dinner?"

She returned the hug and gave a shy smile. "You will soon be finding out that I am singing in shower all the time," she said. "I am glad that you are liking it. Yes, such singing is working up appetite and I am not letting it go to waste at all, especially since you are the one who made it."

He liked her shy smiles and he hoped she never stopped. "I look forward to hearing you practice, then," he said with a grin of his own. "After you, Printsessa." Aidan gestured towards where they had been sitting.

Mila went back to the table with him and smiled. "Why Sir Medovic," she said with a smile as she took her seat. "Is that a way of saying that you are wishing to be joining me in shower when I am singing?" she asked coyly.

Aidan sat down in the chair and, without missing a beat, looked up and spoke. "Yes." He grinned rather roguishly as he had a time or two back on New Risa and reached for his glass. "You wouldn't mind a duet in the shower, would you? I am not that great a singer, but I am willing to learn." He took a drink of his sparkling water. A slow drink.

She laughed delightedly at his words and grin, then give him a wink. "But Sir Rogue," she said as she picked up her fork and speared a piece of chicken. "If you are to be joining me in shower, I am thinking that neither of us would be singing." Still watching him, she put the forkful in her mouth and slowly pulled the fork back to set it down in her bowl again.

He listened and watched her. His grin turned into a laugh at her last statement. "You have a very good point, Lady Rogue. I acquiesce to your logic." He took a bite of salad along with a tomato. "We should schedule our voice training and singing lessons for a time other than the shower. Don't you think?"

"You are truly wishing to learn to sing?" Mila asked him after she took another bite of salad and a sip of her juice. "Not many are thinking that singing is adding anything to their careers and that is is just something one does as hobby. Is actually very challenging and just learning to breathe can take time."

He swallowed another bite, this time with some chicken, and took a drink. "I was part of a Cadet karaoke group one night in the lounge. Singing has never been my forte, and that night proved it. But that was all fun and I had not given it much thought since then. Then you came into my life with your beautiful voice and, yes, I'd like to learn more about it. It is something you enjoy and I want to enjoy it with you as much as I can."

She closed her eyes and listened to the deep, rich timbre of his voice and finally opened them. "You are having good bass voice for ballads," she decided. "I am not knowing many of those, but there are many songs which would make excellent use of such a voice. Are you sure that you have never sang before?"

"I have practiced a bit," said Aidan. "It has been many years ago, though. When the Cadets sang, one of them told me that the notes weren't correct, but it was in key. So I know I need some help. And I'm sure that you could find the right songs. Thank you for your help."

Mila smiled. "There is no need to be thanking me," she said. "Especially when you are having wonderful voice that is sending chills up and down my spine every time I am hearing you speak, Aidan. You are perfect man in every way and I will never be growing tired of hearing or seeing you."

Aidan took a drink of his seltzer water to wash down the chicken. "Chills up and down your spine, is it? Well, then I cannot wait to start really singing and see if I can get the chills to go all over. So, what kind of songs would make excellent use of my voice? Other than ballads, of course."

"Let us be discussing that another time," she suggested. "After all, I am but shower singer, da? For now, let us enjoy salad and each other, then we shall go for swim. Is that sounding good?"

"And shower singer is good enough for me." He looked into her eyes for a moment and saw the epitome of happiness. "Yes, we shall enjoy the salad, but I will admit...I rather like simply enjoying each other. The salad is just the topping on the cake, as humans say." He quietly maneuvered his bare foot over to his girlfriend's leg and began rubbing. "Like on New Risa, eh?"

Mila shivered at the sensation of his bare foot on her leg, then her features darkened before she looked away as she remembered the aftermath of New Risa and the virus that had made her try to kill him and almost kill herself. "Let us not discuss New Risa, please," she said softly. "Only good thing to be coming from there was you."

"Not again," he replied. But he continued rubbing her leg. "So have you ever been to the ship's pool since you came aboard?" Aidan took another bite of salad with a mozzarella ball and some avocado. The combination was delicious, but what really made it was the dressing that Mila had made.

"Nyet, I have not," she said. "But I am looking forward to it and to be seeing you wearing swim trunks." She took another bite of her salad and a sip of juice before she set it down. "This is being very good, but I am afraid my appetite is not what it should be. My father would say that I am bringing disgrace to table instead of appetite and for that, I am apologizing. It has just been rough couple of days."

"It's okay, Mila." Aidan finished his water and scooted his chair back. "May I take yours to recycler if you're finished? Then we can go to the pool." He stood and looked down at her. "I am also looking forward to seeing you in a bikini." He smiled at his Printessa, wanting to do nothing but hold her for a moment and will his strength into her.

Mila came to her feet and smiled. "Da," she said. "Is sounding like a much better plan. Later, we can work on dessert together. I am having one in mind that will go well with whatever the rest of the evening is to be bringing us."

"I like that idea," said Aidan, reaching for her bowl. "I enjoy our times together, no matter whether it is preparing a meal, a dessert, swimming, or just sitting together." He walked to the recycler and watched their bowls disappear into it. "Swimming and a homemade dessert with my girlfriend, a perfect beginning to the evening."

She gave him a kiss and headed for their bedroom, still unable to believe that he was actually living with her. "I will grab towels and swimsuit," she said. "Are you wishing me to be grabbing a pair of swimtrunks for you?"

Aidan watched her walk away, and boy could she walk away. "Yes, of course, grab a pair of swimtrunks for me. I have a feeling I would not be the only person embarrassed if you didn't."

"I would not be with body like yours," Mila laughed as she disappeared into the bedroom. Chow hopped up on the back of the couch again and gave a hoot while cocking his head as if to ask where they were going and why they weren't taking him.

Aidan laughed. Then he looked down at Chow and walked to over to the little Capuchin. He patted him on the head and smiled. He knew he wouldn't understand, but he went ahead and said, "We will be back later, Chow." He looked towards to their bedroom...their bedroom...and wondered what kind of swimtrunks she was choosing for him.

Mila returned wearing a light lavender sarong which hide what she was wearing under it and carried two large towels and a pair of red swimtrunks with white racing stripes down the sides. "I hope these are being okay," she said. "I did not wish to search through everything you had to see if you are having others."

He looked at her in light lavender outfit and smiled. Then he noticed the trunk in her hands as she talked to him. "Those are just fine," he said. He walked up to her and reached for them. "It is okay about the search. I still need to move some things around and unpack some others. But that can wait. Right now, I need to change so that we can have some fun at the pool." Aidan turned and headed into the bedroom.

She handed him the trunks and went to get Chow a snack as he went to go change. "I am looking forward to seeing you in them," she said as she replicated the little Capuchin a healthy snack of grapes and set them down along with a fresh bowl of water.

Aidan changed and walked out of the bedroom in his trunks and a pair rubber and cloth shoes. He saw Mila and had a fun idea. "Mila," he called and then struck a pose. The El-Aurian had one arm up and the other down, flexing his muscles.

"Oh my," Mila said as she turned from petting Chow when she heard his voice. Her mouth opened and closed a few times before she got control of it again. "I am thinking that we may not be making it to pool after all...."

Aidan started to laugh and quickly regained his composure. He turned his back and then slightly rotated at the waist, bringing both arms up. He flexed his back muscles as well as his arms and thighs. "How does this one look? Just as good?" He couldn't help but snicker a little. He enjoyed having fun with his Nexus.

Unable to help herself, she approached him from behind and slid the tips of her fingers down his back, tracing his muscles and going down to his lower back. She leaned in close to the back of neck and let her breath warm the skin while she replied. ""I am thinking that coming back."

English Lyrics

Oh, God! What A Man!

You broke into my life unexpectedly,
My reality has been changed,
Thoughts twinkle on the heart in flashes,
And love without rest.

It all began as innocent flirtation,
And now my world is empty without you.
You are magical! You are from another planet!
And you are out of my dreams!

O, God! What a man!
I want a son from you!
And I want a daughter from you!
And nothing else! And nothing less!

In all the world of tender words, it is not enough,
To describe my love,
And not to cry at night over little things,
Like time, you cure my sadness.

I know, my love is mutual,
A woman is beautiful when loved.
You are magical! You are from another planet!
You are out of my dreams!

You are Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth in one bottle,
You are recorded as the best on the telephone,
And you are magical! You are from another planet!
In all questions to you, I have discovered the answers.

O, God! What a man!


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