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What a Day Part 4 [Backpost]

Posted on 25 Jan 2017 @ 9:21am by Ensign Aidan Crehan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

2,598 words; about a 13 minute read

Mission: Endgame
Location: Pool
Timeline: MD 11 || 1730 Hours

Aidan shivered a bit, but held still, as he felt Mila's fingers on his back. He felt goosebumps rise up as her warm breath touched his neck. He turned and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Pool or dessert?"

Mila looked up at him and tilted her head a bit. "I think that I am letting you decide," she said with a smile. "You are always having good ideas."

"Okay. How about a nice swim since we're ready for it," said Aidan. "Not a long one, mind you, just one that will relax, wash away the cares of the day, and allow us to have some fun. Then afterwards, we can come back and work together on this versatile dessert that you mentioned. How does that sound?"

"Then swimming it shall be," she said without a hint of disappointment in her voice. "It is also allowing build up until we are getting to dessert and that is being good thing, da?"

"Yes, that is a good thing," said Aidan. "Having that expectation when we get home, a very good thing." He released her and put his arm around her waist. "So, will you at least tell me what flavor of dessert you have in mind?"

"When I was on Nebuchadnezzar, I was having friend who introduced me to dessert called Iylassh Merrae in her language. Is is meaning Chocolate Heaven and is having seven layers of different kinds of chocolate ranging from brownie on bottom, pie filling, cake, ice cream, chocolate, syrup and sprinkles on top. All chocolate," Mila told him.

"Seven layers...all chocolate?" He looked at her for a second. "I suppose it is a good thing that we're going for our short swim first. After a dessert like that, we would probably have to wait longer than thirty minutes." His mind raced as he thought about that dessert and how much fun it was going to be to make it together. Part of him wished to forego the swim altogether and just to get to the dessert. A slight smile crept on his face as he thought about how Mila liked jokes. Chocolate pie filling would be hard to clean up from the floor, but it would hilarious to throw.

"Da," she said as she picked up the towels again and put them over one shoulder before she reached for his hand. "So let us go swimming, then we are coming back here to Chocolate Heaven and indulging our appetites. Is the plan?"

"Yes, that's the plan," he said, holding her hand. "Shall we, my love?" Aidan took a step towards the door.

"Then let us be going," Mila said as she took his hand and headed out of her quarters. On the way down the corridor to the pool, she looked up at him. "You are not being the jealous type, are you?" she asked him as a thought crossed her mind.

Aidan looked down to her. "Well, the short answer to that question would be yes. However, I know that you are my girlfriend and I trust you. And I know that no other man would be able to draw you away from me. If that is what you are referring to."

"Then there is being no reason for you to be jealous, for I am having eyes only for you," she said as they came to the entrance of the room that had the pool. She paused and pulled the knot that held her sarong in place and let it drop to reveal a two piece purple bikini that hugged every curve of her toned body. "Shall we?" she asked as she bent to collect the sarong.

Aidan watched as the cloth that had covered her body floated to the ground. His eyes moved from it, up her legs, her torso, and to her beautiful face. "A two piece purple bikini. Purple," he said smiling. His smile widened as she collected the garment. "I know you will turn some heads because people know a thing of beauty when they see it. Yes, let's." He took her hand and led her into the pool. As the doors swished closed behind him, he leaned down and placed a solid kiss on her lips. "Looks like there is a place over there."

For a moment, Mila had hoped that he would take advantage of her being bent over, but when he didn't, she straightened up again and walked with her into the pool area. Then he surprised her with a kiss on her lips in front of everyone there if they were paying attention or not and she returned it with a passion. When it ended, she smiled. "Da," she said. "is looking like very good place for something."

"For something..." He chuckled. "Something indeed." He led her over to an empty spot on the bench that lined the wall. It was a little humid, but it was the pool. And that would be taken care of momentarily, anyway. He sat down and removed the rubber and cloth shoes. Then he looked up at Mila in her purple two piece. "Amazing."

She gave a shy smile and glanced around before looking back at him as she took a seat on the bench. "Not nearly as amazing as you, Sir Knight," she said. "You are putting everyone here to shame and I am being very proud to be the one that you are with."

"And I am proud to be here with you, the most beautiful woman around, Printsessa." He stood and took the towels from Mila, placing them on the bench. Then he looked around the pool and nodded. "Yes, most beautiful woman around. Shall we dive right in?" He said, gesturing to the pool.

Mila stood up and adjusted her bikini, then gave him a mischievous grin before she nodded. "Da," she said. "Is sounding good to me." She reached to take his hand and spun around before she stuck one leg out in front of his and waited for the splash.

Aidan took her hand. And the next thing he knew, he was touching the bottom of the deep end. Swimming up and breaking the surface, he looked at her. "I dare you to come in here after that one!" He started laughing and splashed some water towards the edge of the pool.

She laughed and dove in beside of him and swam past him while reaching out to playfully swat his backside before she continued towards the other end of the pool. There, she surfaced and shook her long brunette hair while looking around for him. "Like that?" she asked with a broad grin.

"Oh!" he called out as she swam by him. "Yes, like that." He had watched her shake her beautiful brunette hair. For all he could tell, it was slow motion. Then he took off swimming towards her. When he came up, he closed in and grinned. A hand slipped below the water and patted her hip. Then he kissed her. After a few moments, he pushed back and splashed a little water at her.

Mila returned the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck as she treaded water. A crewman off to the side shouted "Get a room!" and she laughed as she looked in his direction. "We have room," she said. "But our love could not fit in it so we are expressing ourselves in public."

Aidan chuckled. "Indeed. Nothing could contain it. Perhaps the ship will be large enough." He turned his attention back to Mila. "Shall we have some more fun and see who can reach the other end the quickest?"

She smiled and nodded. "Da...but what is winner to be getting for reaching other end first?" she asked him with a playful look. "If I win, you are having to run back to quarters with only towel wrapped around your waist."

Aidan liked her playful grins, especially at times like this. "Honey, if you win, I'll walk to our quarters with the towel. And if I win," he paused and thought. "If I win, you make the dessert in nothing but the towel."

"I am hoping you are being better swimmer than you were on New Risa," Mila joked with a smile, knowing that he was an excellent swimmer.

Aidan returned her smile and backed up to the edge of the pool. "You are fun one, Miss Rasputin. Oh! That reminds me, I have something to play for you when we get back. I was curious about your ancestry as you had once mentioned it. We'll talk more about it later. For now," he readied himself, "dessert in naught but a towel." He winked at her and grinned.

"Curious about my ancestry?" she asked as she followed him back to the edge. "I am now curious as to what you have to play. Say when you are ready."

"I'm El-Aurian. We are interested in the past. I am interested in yours," he said. Then he looked over at her and smiled. "I'm ready."

The moment the word ready came out of his mouth, Mila kicked off the wall and started to swim with strong strokes towards the opposite end of the pool. She saved her breath for swimming and didn't look back, but she knew that he could catch up and pass her at any moment.

It was seconds before Aidan realized what had just happened. He shook his head and kicked off the wall. He began moving his powerful arms in large strokes, attempting to make up the few seconds he had missed when she took off. Mila was only three inches shorter that he was, so it wasn't like he could use height to his advantage. He had been working out a little more as of late, so maybe that would help. Still...she was a great swimmer.

She heard the water splashing behind her getting closer and she wished that she hadn't eaten anything before coming, or a chance to warp up before getting into a race immediately. Still, the lithe Russian brunette sliced through the water as if a deadly predator were coming up behind her and focused on the opposite side of the pool.

Aidan continued to swim as hard as he could. For a second, he looked over to see if he were anywhere near Mila. Had he not had water splashing in his face, he would have chuckled as he briefly saw her rump before it was splashed with water. It meant though, that he was gaining. And he intended to keep up that momentum.

Mila looked back and that was a mistake; Aidan was very close to her and looking back threw her rhythm off. She strove to regain it, but floundered for a moment in the water and uttered a very unladylike word in Russian. Taking a breath, she plunged ahead and tried to regain her momentum but saw him from the corner of her eyes as he swam nearly side by side with her.

It was going to be a tight race, but he was determined to win. He wanted to see Mila making that dessert in nothing but a towel. He knew they were getting close to the end, they had to be. Aidan noticed that Mila seemed to sputter for a moment. This was his chance. He put more power into it and pulled ahead, striving for the other end of the pool.

She fought the water's resistance instead of narrowing her profile and watched Aidan pull ahead of her. She was tempted to reach out and grab his trunks, but that wouldn't be fair as she had been the one to look back when she knew better. Instead, she called on her reserves and swam harder and faster, but knew that he would reach the end before she would no matter how hard she tried.

Aidan pushed forward harder with each stroke through the water. The last he noticed, he was pulling up in front of Mila, but he was not going to check again. It was only a few seconds later that his hand hit the edge of the pool. Then his other, and he stood up, looking around for Mila. Aidan grinned. Dessert in a towel.

Mila came up beside of him two seconds later and shook her head, sending water everywhere as she took a deep breath. "I would have been beating you if I had not looked back, but you are winner," she said. "And as winner, you will be getting dessert while I am wearing towel."

"It is okay, Mila. Perhaps the next time you'll win and you'll get to see me walk the corridor in a towel." He smiled at his girlfriend as he watched the water run off her hair. "I am looking forward to dessert, though. But until then," he said as he swam around her, "I'll settle for this." He put his hand under the water and squeezed her rump. "I caught a very quick glimpse of that while going by." He winked and pulled back a couple of feet.

She gave a startled squeal when he squeezed her butt and splashed water in his direction. "Why Sir Rogue!" She exclaimed with mock indignation. "Just you wait. One day, you are to be losing bet and I am having very good thing in mind for what you are just doing. "

Aidan laughed at her squeal. It was cute. It was her. "Is that right?" he asked. "Well, then I suppose I should give you some more ideas. Come here, you!" Aidan took off in her direction.

Mila didn't move from where she was when he came at her, but at the last second she took a deep breath and submerged. When she saw his legs, she grabbed them and tugged while pushing off against the wall with her legs to move under and come up behind him. She released his legs and surfaced, wrapped her arms around him and whispered in his ear. "Now what are you to be doing?"

Aidan was completely caught off guard by Mila had just done. When she went under and grabbed his legs, the first thought that went through his mind was losing his swim trunks. Then she came up behind and he felt her hands around him. So many things went through his mind that he could have done. He whispered back, "Just wait." And with that, Aidan took a deep breath and bent his knees. He dropped under the water, pushed back just enough under Mila's legs, and then came up with her on his shoulders and his hands at her waist to steady her. "How about that?"

She gasped when Aidan took her by surprised and found herself on his shoulders when he resurfaced. She looked down at him and smiled. "I am thinking that you are just full of surprises, Sir Knight. Shall we enjoy a swim a bit more or are you looking forward to me making dessert in towel?"

"As much as I would enjoy to continue surprising you in the pool, I think I'd like to see you making dessert in that towel," he replied. "Hold on, let me get you over to the poolside." Aidan walked over to the edge and turned around so that Mila could sit.

Mila scooted onto the edge of the pool and removed her legs from Aidan's shoulders, then stood up. "You are being impatient, but your wish is being my command." She leaned down to offer him a hand up.


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