Mission 24 - Shattered Unity

The Golden Stars lurked in the shadows. The Consortium destroyed from within. The Dolmoqour used the best parts of yourself to betray your kin.

For the last two years, the crew of the Akira-Class USS Black Hawk-B have been forced through the tumbler where rocks become precious gems. This ship and crew now are among the best and the brightest in the Gamma Quadrant. Some have started families, others have found love, and others find solace in the bottom of a bottle.

The USS Black Hawk is now returning to the unknown, no longer on missions to dig and investigate deep, dark secrets, but to boldly go where no one has gone before. Little do any of them know that what they will soon encounter will be their greatest test of all!

Are you among the brave, bold, and curious in the Federation? Do you want to be a part of a decorated sim that has received multiple accolades from the simming community at large, including being recognized as a 2018 Squiddie recipient? Then the Black Hawk is for you!


» Morale Check

Posted on 21 Jun 2024 @ 1:17pm by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler

The Black Hawk, Perseus, and the Valcour had been sifting through the wreckage for nearly twelve hours now. Between the three vessels, they'd recovered more than four hundred survivors, which was nearly ten percent of the original crew between the base and the four attached vessels. And then there were…

» Survivor's Guilt

Posted on 21 Jun 2024 @ 1:16pm by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Story Teller

Normally, Talons Lounge was a hotspot aboard the ship, full of life and laughter. Sometimes there was karoke or some sort of shindig underway. Once could hear the reverie through the door and down the corridor.

But not today.

If there was a record to be set for dark and…

» Triage

Posted on 21 Jun 2024 @ 12:45pm by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Kennedy Monroe M.D. & Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Ensign (Provisional) Bertrim Wysocki & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake & Lieutenant JG Harleigh Kane

"Bridge to sickbay," Harvey called out. "Doctor, we're going to have more wounded. Standby to receive."

"Acknowledged," Kennedy replied simply. When the comm channel closed, she simply nodded to her team leads. They knew what to do and although she was still somewhat new to them, she had read prior…

» Better late than never

Posted on 20 Jun 2024 @ 9:13am by Lieutenant T’Mari Rael & Lieutenant Commander Kennedy Monroe M.D.

Making her way to Sickbay T'Mari thought she'd best get an important oversight sorted, in the time she'd been aboard she hadn't actually had her boarding medical. It wasn't really a massive issue, as she reported to the Blackeagle directly from her last assignment it wasn't like she hadn't ever…

» Into the Grahamhole

Posted on 18 Jun 2024 @ 2:26am by Master Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Story Teller

It took a lof of effort and a lot of time to send out messages to Captain Jurue Soroca of the USS Perseus, Commander Tharlon Wul of the USS O'Carroll, Captain Todd Ahern of the USS Challenger, Captain Mari Solvbakken of the USS Valcour, Commander Tass Pol of the USS…

» Where'd They Go?

Posted on 10 Jun 2024 @ 1:46pm by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler in Website Update

For years, the Black Hawk has used 2 different saved mission posts on the backend for OOC Chat and Mission Chat. These have served several purposes, but mainly, they do prevent much of the crew from obtaining that elusive "Yellow Light."

You know the one? It's when you've tagged in all of your available JPs but that green light is still there because you can't save either of the OOC documents.

As of today, that will no longer be a problem. I have (sneakily) deleted both the OOC Chat and Mission Chat. The items in the Mission Chat (namely the Google Doc with the mission thoughts and ideas) will now be seen whenever you write a JP. And the OOC chat... that's largely been replaced with DMs and Discord. I know that not all crew is active in the Discord, so all major announcements will still be made via the site.

If anyone has any questions, please let anyone in the Command Team know. Happy simming!

~Le Frog

» Make Us Go

Posted on 08 Jun 2024 @ 1:09am by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome our new Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Ranul Frex. Frex is an interesting character, a joined Trill/El Aurian hybrid!

» Let's Fly!

Posted on 03 Jun 2024 @ 2:43pm by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome our new Chief Flight Control Officer, Ensign Wysocki. In this case, Ensign is a provisional rank as the character is technically a senior cadet. I'll update the display ranks when possible to reflect this, especially since I need to make another update there soon...

» System Updated

Posted on 16 Mar 2024 @ 12:59pm by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler in Website Update

A security patch was issued last night for Nova. I have applied that patch this morning. Please DM me if you experience anything out of the ordinary.

» Make Us Go

Posted on 22 Jan 2024 @ 1:16am by Commodore (Brevet) Harvey Geisler in General News

Please welcome our newest crewmember, Lieutenant Paisley (mUra) F'rar. We have a Chief Engineer at last!