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Block Party

Posted on 10 Jul 2023 @ 6:46pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander John Reynolds & Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Theodore Marsh III & Lieutenant Commander Kennedy Monroe M.D. & Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Lieutenant T’Mari Rael

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Mission: Return to Razmena
Location: Starboard Catamaran
Timeline: June 8, 2390 || 1900 hours

It had been two days since the Black Hawk had arrived at Gavara. Thus far, it had been quiet. So quiet, in fact, that the crew finally had a chance to breathe and relax. No one knew who actually organized it, but word had spread through the ship that the starboard catamaran was the place to be on this particular night. Decks 1 and 2 on the starboard side sported four recreation rooms, the ship's pool, and a multi-purpose room. There really was something for everyone.

But for what the night would bring... nobody knew...

*** Recreation Room 1 - Karaoke***

Harleigh Kane thoroughly enjoyed the few moments she got to relax and let go. And when she got word that there was something going down on the starboard catamaran, she'd planned to finish her dinner early and go. Rec Room One and karaoke was the place to be for someone that liked to sing. She entered the room in a white top and blue pants with comfortable shoes and found a table to claim as hers for the night.

Camila entered the Karaoke room wearing a pair of synthetic denim stretchy shorts and a white blouse top that had frill and lace around the arms and across her chest in a silly and lighthearted style. The ombre haired Security Chief looked one hundred percent off duty as she turned and looked behind her. "Come on, Ian. We won't have to wait long to get a spot!"

Ian jogged in behind Camila and smiled. "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" He was wearing a beige colored pair of shorts with deep pockets on either side and a navy blue tank top. "I don't like a long line. So when was the last time you sang?" he asked.

"Probably...when I was in the Academy," Camila said with a laugh. "But it didn't stop me then and it won't stop me now. Unless it's Romulan indeterminate polyphony."

"Well the Romulans can keep their indeterminate poly pony to themselves," said Ian. He laughed and turned at the sound of the doors opening and closing. The Black Hawk's resident Kelpien was still attached to the ship. Ian couldn't wait to hear what kind of music he'd be singing. "Academy, huh. This'll be the first time for me, honestly. Hey, we should find a duet or a song that we could sing as a duet."

She laughed at his brutalizing of the polyphony. She was glad she didn't have to describe it to him. It sounded fucking awful. "Let's grab a PADDoake and see what's on the list we can sing together, then."

"Sweet, let's do it." Ian went to the table and picked one up. There were so many options from so many different species that he didn't know where to start. "Klingon Opera...are you kidding me? Heck no. Let's see, narrow to duets and there. You got a genre, Hotshot?"

"Do you like pop?" Camila asked.

"I do," answered Ian. He narrowed the search parameters and found that he could do so even more. "I think all we need now is a time period. That should give us a decent amount to choose from."

She put her hand on the console and gave the list a flick with her finger, letting it scroll, then stabbed down on one. "It looks like...Paradise By The Dashboard Light." She looked at him. "Want to give it a try?"

Ian shrugged and grinned. "Sure, let's do it. Maybe it'll tell us what a 'dashboard light' is in the song. Could be pretty interesting. Looks like it has specific parts, too. Perfect for a duet!"

"I was wondering that myself," Camila said as she started the song. "Shall we?"

"Heck yeah," he said. "Fire it up. Let's you and me do this." Ian grinned widely. He was looking forward to this, this time just hanging out with Camila. This time of forgetting the rest of the galaxy for a while.

A little less than halfway through the song, Camila had started to blush when she realized what the paradise by the dashboard lights meant, but she was now determined to go through with the rest of it. She looked at Ian and smiled. "Will you love me...will you love me forever?"!

Ohhhh boy, thought Ian. So that's what it meant. He caught sight of Camila's blush and tried to think if he'd ever seen her do that. But hey, moving forward. When her part finished, he picked up, "Let me sleep on, baby let me sleep on it."

Camila eyed him as she sang. "I gotta know right now. Do you love me? Will you love me forever?"

This was proving to be an interesting song. "Let me sleep on it. And I'll give you an answer in the morning
Let me sleep on it," he continued singing.

By the time the song finished, Camila was blushing and nearly flustered, but she gave as good as she got while her and Ian belted it out. She had kept her hazel eyes on him as much as she could during the song while not looking for the next line to be sung, and she had been pleased by what she had seen.

"Ready for a drink, Huntsman?" she asked.

"Oh heck yeah," said Ian. "That had to be the longest song I've ever heard. Let along sung." But it had been fun, singing with Camila. They hadn't broken eye contact unless it was to try to catch the verse or line. And that made it...more. Truth be told, he kinda liked to see her blush. She was relaxed and happy and not thinking about work in that moment. "What'll ya have this time around?"

Camila smiled and put an arm around his waist as they headed for the bar. "I hear that and it was rather naughty," she laughed. "I think this is our first official date."

Ian smiled as he felt her arm go around his waist. "Wasn't it, though? But yeah, I think this qualifies for sure." He put his arm around her as they approached the bar. His mind wandered back to that time in the holodeck when they both got wet in the lake. "First official date it is."

Kemm entered the karaoke bar. His tall lanky form stood just inside the doorway for the moment. He was not musically inclined at all, but he did enjoy it when others could not sing a proper note. A little discord and some laughter would be a perfect recipe for curing his blues.

Harleigh was surprised to see the Kelpien. But in a curious way; she'd never heard any of their music. She got up and walked over to the tall individual. "Hello, I'm Harleigh," she said, introducing herself. "I work in Sickbay."

The lanky engineer was surprised by the introduction, though he was a bit unsure as to why that was so. "I'm Kemm, hello. I'm an engineer. Are... are you performing tonight?"

"I plan to, yeah," said Harleigh. "Have a little fun and enjoy the night. Are you going to sing?" she asked. "I've never heard Kelpien music."

"I, uh," Kemm stammered, "I actually wasn't planning on participating. Our music though is what you might consider operatic. I don't think that will compliment an activity like this."

Harleigh laughed a little. "I don't imagine that it would. This is kind of an energetic and fun oriented sort of thing. People sing, people laugh, people drink, and then try to sing some more. That's when it can get real interesting."

Kemm chuckled. "Of those interesting moments, I am aware. I must admit, I often find the inebriated amusing, especially when they no longer possess an awareness of what others think of themselves."

"I've found myself on both sides of that," she said. "Worst part is the next day when your friend says 'do you remember' and you say 'uh, no.' And you'll always find someone who took a holo-recording."

"Ah," Kemm replied before gesturing to the stage ahead. "What about you? Have you planned a performance for tonight?"

"I do," she said. "I have a song or two or three to sing. A couple of favorites of mine. How about you? Are you going to sing?"

"I hadn't planned on it," Kemm answered. "But I suppose I can consider an option or two, if I'm hard pressed."

"Eh," she shrugged, "I don't press people to sing. Especially when it's supposed to be downtime from work."

The current performer finished, leaving the stage open. "Well, Doctor, it appears the venue is ready for the next performer. Is it your turn?"

"Oh, right," said Harleigh. "I believe it is. Thanks. I'll be back in a couple for an honest review." The blonde doctor went up the padd and scrolled for one of the songs she had in mind. It took a minute after narrowing the search parameters, but she found it and set it up. Getting into place on stage, she closed her eyes and imagined she was any place but here. "Everybody's waiting. Everybody's watching. Even when you're sleeping, keep your ey-eyes open." She opened her eyes after that first phrase and kept on singing, looking at the words at they came up.

Kemm watched from the gallery, He sensed her discomfort as the doctor began, but as she got more comfortable, it clearly showed. The engineer watched and smiled throughout her performance.

The evening continued, and great music was heard by all.

*** Recreation Room 2 - Games***

The laid-back Deputy Squadron Commander didn't might the low rumble of noise game room. He smiled and looked around the room while trying to decide which one to indulge first. Or whether he should just grab a table and wait for a few more to show up...take in the whole place as it were. Michael went with option two and grabbed a soda water before sitting down.

Oh, to be back on the Black Hawk again, even if it wasn't the same ship or even the one before that which bore the name. However, it was where her heart was, where her Captain was and where her fiancee, Aidan Crehan was once again. She headed into the games room, intent on fleecing new officers of their hard earned goods in a game of poker and hoped her lessons with Aidan would pay off.

Aidan walked on into the games room and paused. It was truly good to be on the Black Hawk once again. Their work on the colony had gone well. The only thing that had broken the monotony was having Mila with him. And now they were both back where they first met...sort of. He walked up next to Mila and put his arm around her. "Are you ready to get back into the game, so to speak?"

"Da," she said with a sparkle in her eyes as she headed for a blackjack table. "Is being time to rock the boat."

Aidan chuckled. "Then let us see how tipsy we can get." He paused a minute as he thought that statement through. "I mean as far as rocking the boat and making it tipsy. Though I imagine that the other isn't out of the question. Eventually."

"That's for after we win," Mila said as she sat down and pressed her thumb to a PADD and selected a credit amount to start the game with.

"After we win, then," he said with a smile. "I think I'll watch the first few hands. Good luck."

"You do not wish to join me?" she asked, looking a little disappointed.

He noticed the disappointment on her face. "Not at first, moya printsessa. A hand or two and then I shall join you. I'd like to get you something easy to drink."

Mila smiled warmly. "I am taking a White Russian, virgin please."

"A virgin White Russian it is then," he said. "I'll be back momentarily." He paused as he walked up to the bar and turned back towards Mila. Aidan smiled and then put in the order.

Mila stepped up to the table and began to play with a smile on her face, out to enjoy herself even if she didn't at least break even by the end of the day.

Aidan's concentration was broken by the sound of glass on counter. He turned and picked it up, heading back to Mila. "How have you done?" he asked as he put the glass next to her.

"I am breaking even, but is for fun, da?" Mila asked as she set her cards down and accepted the drink. "Thank you, Sir Knight."

"It is indeed for fun," Aidan answered. "And you're very welcome. It is nice to have a break from work." He paused and chuckled. "It's nice to have a break from work on the Black Hawk. That colony..." Aidan put his thumb to the padd, chose a credit amount and sat down next to Mila.

"This is time for relaxation, not work," Mila gently reminded him as she anted up.

Aidan smiled. There were times he needed her gentle reminders. If he'd never met her that day in the shuttle, he'd probably be in the science labs right now. "Indeed," he replied, placing his thumb on the padd and choosing an amount. "Let us see if we can't fix that breaking even."

"Then we shall see about cleaning house," Mila said with a gleam in her eyes and a wicked little laugh.

"Ohhh I love that little laugh," he said. "And the prospect of cleaning house." He looked at the card that fell face-up and checked the one one knew before asking for hit. "Here's to luck."

*** Recreation Room 3 - Buffet***

John Reynolds preferred to keep to himself most of the time when off-duty. But not showing up somewhere, if even for a little while, on this night of rec room relaxation wouldn't be a good idea. So he decided that the most relaxing place for him would be the buffet. Not really for the food, but it might be the quietest room on the catamaran that night. And if he took a notion to get a bite to eat or a good drink, then so be it.

T’Mari had avoided the Karaoke, it wasn’t really her thing, instead she headed for the buffet where she’d be able to hear herself think. Walking in she headed to get herself a drink, she’d enjoy the buffet in a little while.

"Great minds," Kennedy offered, approaching to get herself something to eat and drink. She recognized the counselor from her personnell file and was pleased to have an opportunity to speak with her outside of a professional setting. Lots of people avoided doctors in general, but Monroe knew she was in good company. "I know I should stop by the other rooms, but I've been working quite a bit and would like to enjoy something edible that doesn't fit in a single hand."

“Nothing wrong with enjoying a nice buffet” T’Mari grinned. “Dig in while you’ve got the chance! No doubt once everyone has had their fill of fun they’ll be here to eat.”

Harvey walked into the buffet room with Alison in tow. Both were wearing bathing suits and looked oddly out of place, though it was clear the Captain was on a mission. The twins were very much water babies, and Alison looked quite upset that they'd gone in here and not the pool.

"Ool!" she cried out in fact, pointing behind her father. "OOL!"

"Just a minute, Alison," her father attempted to soothe, trying to actually keep his calm. She'd been so excited ever since the mention of the ship's pool that it had been a singular focus on her mind. "We've got to get some snacks."


John smiled. The buffet seemed to be quite popular tonight. Even among the Geisler crew. He got up and walked over to the Captain. "Evening. You, I've met. But I haven't had the honor of meeting your Communications Officer yet." He looked at the Captain's daughter, "I'm John."

Alison stared at John with absolute intensity. Who was this strange man? Why was he so friendly? Did he know dad? Dad is the best. Dad's getting me a drink. Dad's supposed to take me to the pool. Why is this room not the pool? "Ool?" she asked softly, hoping he might know where the pool was.

"This is Alison," Harvey introduced the little one to John. "And John works with Daddy, makes sure he stays safe and doesn't do dumb things." Harvey almost added, And won't shoot me in the ready room, but he figured that was a little too adult for this situation. Not to mention a party killer.

John laughed at Harvey's description. "Nice to meet you, Alison. I do try to keep your Daddy safe. Though, we keep each other from doing dumb things." He looked over to Harvey. "I'm sure we'll have time to repay each other for the dumb things. I bet she's a spitfire."

Harvey laughed, stopping at the drink station and setting down a couple of sippy cups. "She is indeed. When she's got something in her head, she won't stop until she gets it."

And, as if it were on cue, Alison asked again, "Ool?"

T’Mari stood up from her seat and walked over to Harvey and his daughter, before kneeling down near Alison. “It sounds like someone here is pretty excited about going to the Pool?” She smiled warmly. “I’m T’Mari, I work with your daddy, did I hear the name Alison? That’s a very pretty name.”

Alison smiled at the gentle Vulcan, finding her smile friendly. She then pointed at the woman's ears and frowned. "Owwie?"

T’Mari grinned. “Ohh no Owwie, I have pointy ears!” She grinned playfully.

"You see enough of me on duty," he said to Harvey. "You guys all enjoy your time at the pool. And the snacks. I think it's time I fill my sippy cup." He laughed and smiled at Alison and Harvey.

Alison reached out tentatively, hoping to touch the tip of the Counselor's right ear.

T’Mari grinned as she made it easier by moving her hair out of the way. She always had a soft spot for children, hence why she got along well with them. She nodded and smiled letting Alison have fun.

Alison's fingertips brushed the Vulcan's ears, and for a moment gently pinched the very top. A big smile ran across her face once she saw that it didn't hurt the woman.

"You certainly have a way with children," Harvey remarked, having watched this interaction while filling sippy cups.

“I used to be one myself” T’Mari grinned. “Seriously though, I love children I just haven’t found the right by to settle down with yet. Maybe one day. In the meantime if you ever need a babysitter feel free to ask.”

The Captain chuckled. "Be careful what you volunteer for, Counselor. Joey and I will certainly take you up on that."

“Wonderful” T’Mari smiled. “I’ll look forward to it. Anyway I’ll let you both get off to the pool.”

From her place at the buffet, Kennedy was filling her plate when she heard the doors hiss open. Normally, Monroe wouldn't have thought anything of it, but the sound of a child's voice was always sure to get the doctor"s attention. It was a surprise to see the Captain with his daughter, but naturally, like it seemed a lot of people in the room, she was delighted.

Monroe was tempted to approach and introduce herself as well, but knowing how important family leisure time was, she didn't want to delay father and daughter any longer than necessary. It was obvious the little girl was on a mission! Instead, Kennedy finished filling her plate and headed over to the drink station, suddenly unsure of what she wanted, and aware that someone was waiting patiently behind her. She turned and addressed the XO. "My apologies, sir. Please feel free to go ahead of me."

"Nah, you go ahead," John said, waving his hand. "I'm in no hurry. Well, except to relax. And that's what tonight's all about, apparently."

Kennedy nodded in thanks as she approached the drink station to order and as she was filling her cup with a caffeinated sugary cola she liked to indulge in from time to time, she offered, "'Apparently? You doubt the purpose of all of this is to relax, or are you saying this is just not something you're used to?"
Monroe nodded. "I have," adding with a mischievous smile, "it's kept me out of trouble for the most part. How about you? Has your career kept your hands full?"
"Just a word," answered John, "just a word, that's all. No need to read into it." He walked up to the replicator and ordered, "Soda water with ice." He watched as the beverage materialized and then picked it up. "I thought I'd met all of the senior staff on board. Unless your not."

"Sorry," Monroe replied with a wave of her hand. "It's an occupational habit to explore the unsaid sentiments behind people's words. It helps me attend to their overall well-being." She put out her hand, "Dr. Kennedy Monroe, Chief Medical Officer."

"Hey, if it works, Doc." He switched hands with his glass and shook the Doctor's hand. "Nice to meet you then." He took a long drink of the soda water and wished for the whiskey in his quarters. "I bet you've had your hands full patching people up out here in this part of the galaxy."

Monroe nodded. "I have," adding with a mischievous smile, "it's kept me out of trouble for the most part. How about you? Has your career kept your hands full?"Part of her felt silly for monopolizing his attention at a drink station, no less, but another part of her enjoyed the opportunity to talk to a colleague without the pressures of duty or title influencing the exchange.

The evening continued as the crew continued to go in and out, sampling all sorts of food.


Zayna wasn't one to normally go to the pool while there might be a lot of other people there. However, seeing as this was her normal night, she wasn't going to change it up, even if the desk was likely going to be unbelievably crowded. She probably wouldn't get to do her lap swimming, but perhaps a change of pace was needed. She still arrived as she normally would and found, for the time being, she was the first one there. But, it was still early, right?

It had been at least two years since Teddy had been assigned to a post with an actual pool. On the Toussaint, he'd had to settle for swimming on the holodeck, which was a decent substitute. But an actual pool was always better than the holodeck. So as soon as he could, he put on his swim trunks, a tropical print shirt, and sandals, and headed off with a towel thrown over his shoulder.

When he arrived, he saw that he wasn't alone in his desire for a little pool fun. "Hello there!" he called out, dropping his towel on a deckchair and unbuttoning his shirt.

Looking over at the voice right before she was about to duck down under the water for a moment, Zay was surprised to see someone else there, at least this early. But, that was okay with her. "Hi. Nice shirt by the way," she stated as she ducked down under the water to let her hair get wet before coming back to the surface.

"Thanks," Marsh replied with a big grin once the swimmer had reemerged. Though he'd been onboard for about two weeks now, Teddy had been so busy dealing with supply challenges, getting up to speed on a new-to-him ship, and tending to his department that he hadn't had a chance to really socialize at all. "I'm surprised there's not more people here. Lots of duty postings don't have actual pools...unless you want to spend time in Cetacean Ops."

"Well, this party thing that they mentioned did just kind of start a bit ago. With them using the pool, it'll mean I can't swim any laps tonight." Ryler shrugged and floated on her back. "Sometimes need to have a relaxing swim though."

Teddy shrugged off his shirt and tossed it the chair with his towel. "I was kinda hoping more people would be here. Been busy getting acclimated."

He took a couple quick steps and dived into the pool. The feeling of the water on his skin gave Marsh a rush. He propelled himself forward with a few quick kicks before lifting his head above the surface. He looked around, orienting himself, before slowly paddling to where the science officer was floating. "Guess it's just the two of us," he said with a smile.

"At least for the moment it seems to be."

With Harvey getting snacks, Joey decided she was going to bring Jameson straight to the pool and get things situated. She was sure there would be people present, and her assumption was proven correct as she took note of the others while getting the two bags she carried settled on the ground. She recognized Lieutenant Ryler, but the man she was speaking to was a new face, and proof she needed to try to meet as much of the new crew as she could.

Jameson gave a wiggle, trying to get free of his mother's hold. Like his sister, who was currently giving her father hell, he was excited and wanted nothing more than to paddle around in the pool. "Mama! 'wim!" The toddler wailed, gesturing to the water that was only a few feet away.

"We're going. You need your water wings first," Joey said, crouching down to open one of the bags before pulling something out. With the toddler and his water wings in hand, she made her way to the pool, settling down on the edge before placing her son on her lap to begin getting him ready for what would be hours of swimming.

Hearing other voices, Zayna changed from floating on her back to looking over at the newcomers and treading water. When she heard the small voice, she smiled. "Want some help, Joey? I can hold him while you get the water wings on."

"That would be a huge help," Joey answered with a smile as she passed her son over to Zayna. She watched as the little boy studied the newcomer curiously. He didn't seem like he was uncomfortable, but did appear to be a little cautious. "Miss Zayna is going to hold you so we can finish getting you ready, then you can swim."

Jameson lit up. "'wim?"

Zay couldn't help but giggle at the 'wim' statement. "Yep, swim, but have to be safe swimming. Which is why you get your water wings on when you are small. And when you grow and after practice, you can go without them like we do."

Joey got the water wings on her son who was still watching Zayna and smiled. "There we go. All done. Now, you can swim," she said before getting to her feet to remove the shorts she wore over her blue one piece. After tossing them aside, she eased herself into the pool. "Thanks for your help."

"Of course," Zayna said as she leaned her head back into the water. "No kids of my own but I do love them. And besides, he's super cute with the way he says swim." She looked back over at the other party, "Looks like it isn't just us anymore."

Joey smiled. "Thank you. He's a little talker even if people don't understand him a lot of the time. His sister is the same."

The night continued once Harvey and Alison joined the rest of the family at the pool. Other crewmembers entered and partook in the aquatic excitement, essentially swimming the night away...


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