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Upgrades and Medical checks.

Posted on 25 Apr 2015 @ 4:32am by Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers & Lieutenant JG Perei
Edited on on 25 Apr 2015 @ 5:05am

Mission: Boarded

Lieutenant Dicon had been meaning to go through a ship wide maintenance and upgrade processes from the time he arrived; and so found that the present moment when the ship had a gap in its travel plans.

Dicon had been working at his desk for the last hour and now had finished his updates to the log. He then activated his com badge: =/\= "Lieutenant Dicon to Lieutenant Commander Jayla and Lieutenant Rogers"=/\=

Working at his station in the Science Section, Rogers heard the request and tapped his com badge. " Rogers here."

Dicon was fiddling with his engineers box, aligning everything as he like it =/\= "Could I stop by for a chat if you and your department heads in about fifteen minutes?" =/\=

Rogers answered with an "Affirmative, I'll just move a few things around so the place will look better :: laughter :: ."

Rogers tapped his Com badge. "Lt. Perei, please report to the Science Section."

Perei looked up from the various test results that she had taken and tapped her com-badge "Yes Sir, I will be there shortly." She slipped off her stool and saved her results to a PADD and headed out of the lab towards the science department.

Jayla had reached up to tap her com-badge only to find that it wasn't on her jacket. She blinked and looked around for a bit, but could not find it. She checked under her desk and the surrounding area before remembering that it was on her shirt because she'd had her jacket off. Shaking her head at her absentmindedness, she pulled her jacket aside and tapped the badge. "Kij here," she replied finally.

Dicon gathered a stack of PADDS and held them under his arm and held them under one arm. =/\= " Kij, mind if I have a meeting with you and your senior staff in about half an hour? I want to discuss upgrades and maintenance for you departments, before that however, the Science section will have their meeting." =/\= Dicon began to stalk towards the Science Station, engineering staff hurry about his task as he stalked by. He was a tough chief to work under, they all knew. But if they worked well he was know to give them a shift off, including recommending them for promotion if they worked well.

"Of course," replied Jayla, heading towards Main Sick Bay to alert the nurses on staff. "I'll make sure they're assembled."

Tag Dicon, if anything else

Perei walked into the science department a soft smile on her face as she stepped closer to Lieutenant Rogers as she spoke "Sir, you requested my presence. How may I assist you?"

Rogers looked at Perei. "Folks from Engineering are on their way down here for a meeting between us, probably regarding what we'll be doing during this mission, and what we might hope to accomplish. Sooo, right now I need your help to dust this area off a bit."

Perei raised her eyebrow and looked at Lieutenant Rogers and smirked impishly as humor lit her eyes and danced around. "Certainly, and I can wax and buff afterwards?"

Dicon strode toward the Science Stations door and paused briefly to breath before stepping inside. "Ahhh Lieutenants Rogers and Perei was it? I have some questions for you both."

Rogers exchanged a look with Perei before replying.."Fire away, Lieutenant."

Dicon placed the case on a ledge before turning to them and handing each therein two PADD's. "I have been drawing up preliminary plans for upgrades ship wide. Your Division and Medical are the first two to be upgraded because, and please forgive my bluntness, Science and Medical are always buggers to tinker with".

Perei wanted to laugh but kept a straight face, even as her caramel brown eyes danced with mirth"It cannot be helped. We are wired genetically different. Our goal in life to make engineers miserable with our small but giant expectations."

Dicon gave Perei what could be defined as an "old fashioned" look, and judging by it, this look had dinosaurs. "Yes, making an engineers life hell by wanting to know the color of some pygmy alien race three kilometers underground in an ion storm." He placed down his kit and activated the stations holographic projector, displaying a 3-D projection of the room, overlaying power systems, manifolds and scanning equipment. "So" Dicon stated flatly "What is you would be wanting?"

"But with the knowledge o the pigmentation of a pygmy informs us what the pygmy has probably eaten, the environment in which it lived. The type of light refraction and ref..." Perei paused when she noticed the glower of the engineer. She placed her hands behind her back and lowered her gaze and muttered "Forgive me my exuberance" with that she stepped back and waited for the departments chief to reply.

Rogers gave Perei a somewhat stern look, which he followed with a small smile and wink(not in Dicon's eye range.) He turned to Dicon. "What ever you can give us, we'll take. On the top we'll need atmospheric analysis computers, seismic counters, planet density sensors, and the people to run them.:

Dicon muttered not quite under his breath "And the kitchen sink too?" In a far more normal tone of voice he said. "The atmospheric computers aren't a problem, got a few of them sitting in parts easy to do. the seismic counters will take a day or two to rig up and as for the density sensors I could patch it next shift. As for the people to run them, I thought you had all the staff you needed with the last intake? I can pull a few people off Gamma shift but it will take some time off maintenance. Also not going to be able to run everything at once, at least not until we get this place juntioned properly. The Science Station always draws more power then its size needs."

Rogers echanged a look with Perei, then replied. "Well, what you're contributing will be of help, and we thanks you for it.. As for the kitchen sink, I believe we'll pass on that."

Dicon closed his projector and packed his equipment. "If that is all I shall be off to Medical? I don't know what the kitchen sink would be useful for here." Finished Dicon dryly.

Rogers smiled. "Why Lieutenant, what do you think we use to clean our test tubes?"

Perei met the hazel eyes of the engineer and raised an eyebrow. It seemed that the science team and pushed a bit hard with their humour. "Lieutenant Dicon, you have our gratitude for the equipment it will be put to good use." She watched him depart and turned to help Rogers set up the calibration parameters.

Thank you kindly Lieutenant Perei, no inter-spical rifts on ship please? Those are so hard to clean up afterwards." With that, Dicon spun on his heel and stalked out of the Station.

::Medical section::

Dicon slipped silently into Sickbay, avoiding most of the on call staff, stalking his way to Jayla office, where quietly he keyed his access code to the door for "Safe mode". Safe mode was a rarely used setting that all Federation Starships were fitted with. It enabled a security team to enter a room without the doors making any noise. Jayla and their staff were seated around the conference table in her office. He noiselessly stalked around it until he was being behind the chair that he had been afforded. Now choosing the moment, he hefted his case onto the table, causing all the others to jump. "Good morning everyone, and how are we all today?" He said in a sincere, pleasant tone; verging on smug.

Jayla's heart nearly lept out of her chest at the sudden outburst from an unexpected guest. They'd all been just chatting quietly, waiting for Dicon to arrive when- unbeknownst to them- he did.

"I didn't even see him come in," commented Nurse Lane. "What'd you do, aparate?"

"If he'd aparated, there'd have been a sharp crack!" pointed out Doctor Jones.

"My guess is that he used the TARDIS on stealth mode," grinned Jayla. "Please, Lieutenant Dicon, have a seat," she added, gesturing to an empty chair next to her.

Dicon slid noiselessly into the proffered seat. He withdrew his miniature projector and placed it upon the data hub on the conference table. His hologram's representation of the medical sections. "So; tinkerers of the body, what shall I create for you today?" Said completely dead pan.

"Well, if the sky's the limit," started Doctor Jones, a wry grin on her face, "a Lazarus machine would be great."

Jayla shot Jones a grin of her own. "I second that," she said.

"Seriously, though," continued Jones as the nurses snickered. "I'm pretty short. Can we lower one or two of the biobeds? If anyone over five-foot-two comes in, I can't see above their necks when they're sitting on them. I've had to ask them to climb down if I need to look into their ears or eyes or something."

"We could get you a box," pointed out Nurse Lane.

Everyone- Doctor Jones included- laughed.

"I'd be okay with lowering a couple of biobeds," said Jayla. "Is that possible?"

Dicon looked mildly amused. " I could do that now if you want. Or I could rig up a transporter to beam in a taller box if so required" He took in more of the room. " I feel as though this place could do with some widening, even for a house for those ill of body or mind it is rather cramped."

"A bit, yeah," said Jayla. "If there's room, I say let's take it. Especially the ICU. I've got room for exactly two people there. If we get into a battle, I'm going to need room for at least five."

Dicon grinned " Are there anymore issues you have? All of those should not be a problem."

"Nothing that I can think of," answered Jayla. "This is one of the better Sick Bays in which I've served. There's not much room for improvement."

Dicon pressed his combadge =/\="Ensign, did you get all that?"=/\=

The combadge chirped =/\= "Yes sir, fabrication already beginning. Should be done in about two hours sir." =/\=

Dicon half turned to Jayla "Would that be quick enough for you?"

"I should say so," laughed Jayla, astonished. "Good grief, two weeks would be fast enough!"

"I've got to keep you all working, having you fail is not exactly a good idea for me. After all you might have my people in here." Dicon winked slowly at Jayla.

Jayla grinned. "True story," she said. "Is there anything else?"

Dicon handed her an encrypted PADD "If I were to say anything about the contents of this. it would be 'I open at the close' . Dicon raised an eyebrow at Jayla.

The reference was not lost on Jayla. "It'll open when I'm about to die?" she asked, blinking at him.

"That's not creepy," muttered Doctor Jones.

Dicon shook his head slightly "No, but an insurance form for unforeseen circumstances."

Jayla wasn't sure she understood. "Okay," she said finally, blinking in confusion. "I guess I'll understand when I need it?"

"Of course" Dicon nodded and rose. "Unless there is anything else?"

"I don't think so," answered Jayla. She glanced around at the nurses and Doctor Jones, but nobody seemed to have any more ideas. "I think that's all," she said, turning back to Dicon. "Thank you so much! I love it when Engineers take the initiative!"

"I always try to move first, it allows for many unconfirmed things to be confirmed" Dicon bowed to the group and left

Lieutenant j.g. Perei
Alien Archaeologist and Anthropologist

Lieutenant j.g. Ken Rogers
CSO - USS Black Hawk

Doctor Jayla Kij, CMO

Lieutenant Hictus Dicon, Chief Engineer


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