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Posted on 25 Apr 2015 @ 4:23am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Emily Carter & Commander C. Kos & Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Hictus Dicon & Lieutenant Kyan Reza & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Harold Sherman & Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers & Lieutenant JG Perei & Chief Petty Officer Sergei Andropov

Mission: Boarded
Location: USS Black Hawk - Multiple Locations
Timeline: MD 4 - 0930 hours

:: Deck Four Junction 4S ::

Lieutenant Carmichael peered nervously around a corner. He'd been on his way to one of the science labs when the power cut out. Then he'd spotted a couple people he knew weren't on the ship when the Black Hawk entered the sector.

Charles watched them from afar, hoping to spot a pattern in their activities and hoping to find the best point in time and space to disrupt their actions. No one was going to sabotage this ship -- any further at least -- on his watch. He managed to find a phaser in a weapons locker a while ago, but as he kept observing over a couple dozen boarders, he knew his chances for success were slim.

So he kept watching. And waiting.

They'd set up a perimeter around Sickbay, and then he saw Doctor Kij being escorted away. He couldn't cut through their perimeter, and had no choice, but to cut around.

And, now, as he peered around this corner, Carmichael saw no one. Slowly and cautiously, he raised his phaser set for stun and took a step out into the corridor.

Only to have a muzzle placed against the back of his head.

Charles quickly heaved breaths in an out, an anxious reaction to being held at gunpoint. He'd seen what happened to the rest of the crew. Caution would not be taken for his life. "Guys..." Charles said in the middle of huffing, instantly raising his hands. As the phaser was removed from his hands, the lieutenant turned around to see a lone boarder holding him at gunpoint. "D... D... Don..."

The boarder scoffed and leveled his aim at the man's throat, disappointed in his captive. "What kind of officer are you?"

"A good one."

The boarder spun around to see who spoke, only to catch a weapon discharge square in the chest.

Charles, jerked backwards in surprise, his eyes watching the body as it fell to the floor. Anxiety kicked into his system, causing him to huff for another couple of moments before looking up to see who rescued him.

"Having a little trouble, Mr. Carmichael?" Harvey asked, keeping the weapon raised and looking around him to see who might have heard the shot.

"Captain!" Charles exclaimed, coming off his panic attack. "You're... you're... not..."

"Dead? Captured? Incapacitated?" Harvey answered, moving over towards the lieutenant. "Nope. Alive and well."

:: Deck Four Junction 4Z ::

Lt (jg) Harold Sherman was slowly coming too, for the last half hour he thought he had what sound like fighting, but he couldn't quite remember what he had been doing. His head was pounding, which for him wasn't anything new. He tried to sit up when he realize he was in small confine place. Then he remember, he had been conducting an inspection of various junctures, they hadn't been giving off odd readings, even with Engineering having ran their testing and inspecting, the readings weren't within spec for the couplings. Sherman being one of those who took the hands on approached to things, had just finished his visual inspection. That when the Blackhawk seemed to make some unexpected course changes, and he hit his head. He slowly check himself, he seemed ok except for cut on his forehead. He had been listening to what was happen out in corridor for quite awhile, and sound like fighting.

Well Sherman thought, I land in the middle of gun fight, and all brought was pack of bubble gum. I am out of bubble gun, so work my way to the nearest access panel and then figure out other details after he thought. Sherman reached the nearest access point he could remember, and once he did he remember he had come in the other direction. The angles for this access point were all wrong for him to enter, the tube he was sure it wouldn't help his exit either as he slowly started to work on the access point just hoping no one would surprise him.

:: Deck Four Junction 4V ::

Not far away, Jayla heard phaser fire and a thump. "What was that?" she asked. "No, I know what it was. Stupid question. What I mean is, who got shot? Oh, I hope it wasn't one of ours. Should we go see?"

Avery simply nodded, taking off at a jog, fairly certain the others would follow, particularly the doctor whose professional instincts she expected would've also kicked in.

Though still a bit cracked, Jayla followed after the counselor, her Doctor's instinct taking over. After all, shots meant that someone may need some help. She couldn't just let them suffer- unless it was one of the intruders. She might consider it, then.

Perei had followed Dicon out of the science lab. After that it seemed as if the two of them entered a bit of chaos. Shots were heard ahead and then fired around them and Perei ducked for cover. Soon afterwards the science officer heard foot steps she stepped out and sighed a relief when she heard voices.

:: Deck Four Junction 4S ::

"Over here," Harvey ordered, almost pushing the shocked Carmichael into an alcove. He'd heard footsteps inbound to his location. Once Carmichael was under cover, Harvey handed the pistol to Carmichael and gave instructions for cover fire.

Harvey quickly slipped his hands underneath the body of the alien and dragged it out of the middle of the corridor into the alcove. The last thing he needed was a Syndicate patrol catching him yet again. He was certain the next time he was seen would be the last time he saw anyone.

The footsteps -- multiple pairs -- grew closer. Harvey and Charles tightened the grip on their weapons and prepared to defend themselves.

Just around the corner, Harvey caught sight of two human women in the dim lighting followed closely by several other crewmembers. As they entered the light, he recognized their familiar faces. Lowering his weapon, Harvey stepped out of the alcove. He could not help the smile on his face when he said, "Am I glad to see all of you."

Jayla nearly jumped out of her skin when Geisler appeared suddenly in front of them. An instinct reaction kicked in and she moved to attack, but just as quickly, a second instinct stopped her and she wound up in a heap on the floor. "Don't do that!" she demanded, quickly picking herself up. "There's all sorts of people wandering around trying to kill us and you just leap out like that!"

Harvey smirked at what he took to be an unusual greeting. "I heard you'd been captured." Then he looked at the rest of the group. "It seems that it wasn't for long."

"Are you hurt, sir?" Avery asked. The captain seemed to be in decent spirits, all things considered, but that didn't mean he wasn't covering up an injury. In Stuart's experience, captains were masters of minimizing their own vulnerability. She didn't blame Kij for being startled. They were all on high alert.

Harvey's smirk fell, unsure of how to respond to the counselor's question. Should he even tell them that he spent the last hour confined aboard a Syndicate ship? "I've had better days," he confessed. He'd save the real story for later.

Sherman could make voices, but none seem close. Time to put some old tech to good use, one of the few non authorized item he carried on his tool belt was update drill, that virtually made no nose, and fiber-optic telescope he cherished since being a kid. In a couple minute, and being careful not to drill to deep, he was on the inside look out. Seeing that immediately outside looked cleared, he wormed the end around to get view. With a shrug and sigh, thinking to himself why he never listen to Uncle Blake about carrying a side-arm with at all times. He was merchant marine who had travelled some of the less secure spacelane trade routes. Shaking his head, he was sure that last thing he would be able to do in Star Fleet, but note if the Blackhawk was going to make a habit of this, he would be adding a phaser to equipment to carry out his duties.

Now Sherman worked the access panel free and trying not to drop, which was made more difficult, since they were generally open from the outside. Straining with a finger hold on points of the interior-side never meant to be used as hand holds, he lowered the panel and began sliding out. Suddenly becoming light-head, Sherman hit the deck lIke a ton of bricks. Thinking to himself nice job Grace, he immediately search and listen to think of next move would be. With some cover where he was, he got back to his feet and quickly replace panel. He didn't want to give anyone some brilliant ideas. He turned around slowly to listen and make some sense of his surroundings.

:: Deck Three Junction 3S ::

Mackenzie and her team had cleared the space between the Bridge and their current location. They had instructed any crew they had encountered to secure themselves in quarters for the time being. One person had insisted in joining their party. Chief Petty Officer Sergei Andropov, a short, solidly built Russian security officer, had a long career in Starfleet and had sold himself to Kos by pointing out that he had more experience than the other members of the team put together.

:: Deck Four Junction 4S ::

Now a party of four, they now found themselves in the Jefferies tube to descend to Deck 4. Chief Andropov had taken point and stopped suddenly. "Hold on. Something is going on down there," the Russian explained in a whisper. Kos strained to hear what the squat Chief was referring to. It took her a second before she recognized Harvey's voice.

"That sounds like the Captain. And Kij." Mac motioned for Andropov to keep going. It only took a few seconds before the nearly 40-year Starfleet veteran was opening the hatch into the corridor. When Kos exited the Jefferies tube, she found herself face-to-face with Geisler. She restrained herself from hugging him. She hadn't realized until that moment that she had been that concerned about the Captain's safety. Her concern was more than what came naturally as an Executive Officer.

"Nice to see you, Commander," Harvey said, returning his XO's smile with one of his own. In that moment, he looked around, noting that his entire senior staff was now before him, along with a few others. While he wished for a bit of privacy to discuss matters with his senior officers, that wasn't exactly in the cards.

He also didn't know what everyone knew or if they knew more than him. It was best to cover all of the bases at this point. "It's the Syndicate," Harvey told his crew. "They have at least one contact on board this ship, which is why we lost power."

Harvey held up one of their radios. "They're communicating with these. I know they have Engineering and several other decks, including this one. They mean to take this ship as a prize, not destroy it, and they won't care what happens to us."

He looked directly at Kij, the senior officer on the deck before he and Kos arrived, and asked, "What's the situation on this deck?"

"They took Sick Bay," Jayla responded. "I psyched them out with some nonsense about an 'option 21.' They seemed worried about it, so that's good."

"What good will that do?" Harvey retorted, crossing his arms and fighting the urge to give her a stern glare.

"Well, because," started Jayla, "people who are worried about what you might be doing tend to overreact to anything that happens. And when they overreact, the tend to make mistakes. We can use that. Anyway, they said they were going to drop everyone on a wasteland planet somewhere."

"Wasteland?" He hadn't overheard any of those plans. Then again, Harvey hadn't been held anywhere near anyone with authority. "Makes sense. No one wants to move five hundred bodies. Shepherding five hundred captives... that's a lot easier."

Sherman heard enough, but he was still pretty much unarmed. Looking around to see how resourceful he could be, before he was found something more suitable for the affair.

"Good to see you, Lieutenant," Harvey greeted the Chief Operations Officer. It had been some time since he'd last seen the man. Even on the bridge, their encounters were few and far between.

Lt (jg) Sherman almost jumped, it was largely due that the past several weeks both the Captain and Chief of Ops had not really talk face to face much. Sherman was needed to overwatch Charlie Shift and with the other duties to make sure the Blackhawk was up and good to go. Most of it was catch up due to the short period of time that Sherman had to get himself acclimated to the Blackhawk before, "With a smile, nice to see I made it to the correct dance hall, so can the band please the Tennessee Waltz next."

Crewman Helen Yates listened to the Doctor describe the situation before she spoke. "There is a badly hurt woman or dead woman in science lab one. But what I found to be of more interest is the piece of equipment attached to the computer. It appears to control some of the computer functions across the ship. Its nothing like anything that I have ever seen before."

Harvey frowned. "I'm not surprised," he confessed. "Petty Officer Carter is their contact. She's had access to everything. I'd bet we'd find those devices in all of the critical junctions and relays."

Sherman listen to this because that was his Department responsibility with both Engineering and Science that the things worked properly. Someone had compromised his Computer Networks on the Blackhawk, he would either find out how to gain control, or find someone who could help him regain control of them.

:: Deck Four Junction 4P to Junction 4S ::

Ethan O'Donnell had steadied himself and his breathing. Being enshrined in total darkness wasn't his cup of tea, but he knew he had to stay calm. He felt along the bulkhead, a type two phaser gripped tightly in his hand. He wasn't sure what to expect, or what he was going to find, he just knew he had to find the nearest turbolift and try to get to the bridge. That is, if the lift is even working, he thought to himself. The thought of crawling through dark Jefferies Tubes made the panic swell like waves of a tsunami. The thought of that almost made him wretch and once again he had to stop and steady his breathing.

Ethan wasn't normally a skittish person, he wasn't jumpy or never really got scared. He was a pilot, he had been in dangerous situations before. But somehow, this was different. Maybe it was the silence, maybe it was the fact of being shrouded in total darkness, maybe it was the fact it made him think about death... he just shook his head unsure. Then he heard noise, footsteps against the deck carpeting. People were coming toward him, there were whispers and more footfalls. How many people are there? he listened but couldn't actually discern a number.

He took refuge in an alcove, his small frame was an advantage in this situation. He peered around the corner and squinted. He couldn't see much and had to allow his eyes to adjust, but the people coming toward him seemed to be in a Starfleet uniform... at least he thought so. Did he take the risk and reveal himself? He could be shot on the spot if he was wrong. But, he certainly knew he couldn't cower in an alcove all day either.

He gripped the phaser tighter and then stepped out of the alcove, weapon held at point blank range.

While the Captain spoke, Lieutenant Carmichael withdrew himself to the back of the group. Though he preferred safety, and nothing was safer than being in the center of the group, he had known Captain Geisler well enough by now to give him the time he needed with the senior officers, all of whom now seemed to be in this one corridor junction.

It'd be a hell of a time should an unwanted guest show himself. Or herself.

And that very moment was when Carmichael spotted movement in the shadows. "W.. W... Who's there?" he called out, raising his Syndicate phaser as a precaution. His sudden outburst attracted the attention of some who were behind him, including the Captain.

Ethan could hear the weapon raise and his eyes went wide. "O'Donnell... It's Lieutenant O'Donnell," he said, a slight tremor could be heard in his voice. "Please don't shoot."

Harvey immediately reached out and placed his hand on top of Carmichael's shaking pistol. His eyes met Carmichael's uneasy gaze, who then nodded as a meager reply. "Looks like you picked a good day to be late for your shift, Lieutenant."

Yeah, lucky me, Ethan thought to himself. His breathing steadied again and his left hand - the one holding his phaser tightly - fell to his side. He felt a wave of relief wash over him. "Can I join your group?" He asked, hopeful the Captain would allow it and not just leave him to wander the deck.

Harvey nodded, leading the pilot towards the rest of the senior staff. "Don't get too comfortable. We're about to split up."

While the CMO filled the Captain in and they all shared what they knew so far, Avery quickly and discreetly observed the newcomers for any sign of illness or injury. She was relieved to see there didn't appear to be anything serious, though it disheartened her to learn there was potentially a woman beyond saving in the science lab. Stuart wanted to go to her right away, but she knew it would be foolish to take off on her own without any kind of plan. It was best to see what orders the Captain had.

:: Main Engineering ::

"That should do it," Emily said, entering a last command on her console. Over the last few minutes, she had worked to undo her extensive computer lockout. She was not fully there, an action she'd done on purpose, as she knew the entire ship was not fully secured. "Bringing auxiliary power back online," she then reported.

More lights flickered back to life in Engineering, as did a handful of computer consoles. It would still be an hour before warp drive was restored, but impulse engines were back online.

Paradan actually smiled if one would call it that. "It is definitely time that you should be finished should it not?"

"It is," Emily said, rising from the console. "At least with everything I can do for now." She'd work on the warp drive once the crew had been offloaded.

"Now can we head to the bridge and commence with total control?" Paradan was thinking about how the center seat would feel to sit in.

Emily moved over to the pool table and entered a couple commands. "I've restored power to the turbolift just outside Engineering. It'll take us to the bridge."

:: Deck Four Junction 4S ::

Without warning, the dim lighting just got brighter. Some of the familiar sounds reappeared as did a sudden vibration of the deck plating. "The Syndicate control more than half this vessel," Harvey warned the crew. "Looks like they're ready to make their final move."

He looked around at his officers. "We're going to have to split up. Three teams. One secures the bridge. Another retakes this deck and rallies the crew. As for me, I'm heading for Engineering."

Sherman spoke up, "Well if you heading down, I head up to the Bridge, and try to regain what control of things up there to over ride what they have done. We will not be able to safely remove much of it until we have the Syndicate threat eliminated I am afraid. Try tampering with them physically, and I am sure they have safe guards for that, either set to take effect automatically, or for them to set them off." With that he waited for the group to be split up into teams.

Three teams? Bridge, deck four, engineer? He had three options. So, where would he best do good? "I'll head to the bridge as well," he finally said. "Maybe, I can try to get control of the helm."

Yates replied "Engineering for me, Sir. Unless you wish me to stay here and proceed to attempt to do something with the unique device in science lab one."

MacKenzie, having finally realized what Sherman had said, shook her head. "Sorry Lieutenant. We just came from the Bridge. Nothing we can do about it from there at the moment, unfortunately. We could station a small team for security purposes, but we'll be more productive focusing our attention elsewhere."

"I can take a couple of men to secure the Bridge if you'd like sir," Andropov's Russian-accented voice stated.

Kos didn't respond. It was Harvey's call, not hers.

Harvey nodded to the Russian. "Lieutenants Sherman and O'Donnell will accompany you." Looking to Kos, Harvey added, "If the Syndicate has the rest of the ship, then they will want the bridge. Besides, if we fail in Engineering, it'll be up to Sherman and O'Donnell to either stop them..."

The Captain looked over at the helmsman. "...Or destroy the Black Hawk."

Ethan certainly didn't like to hear those words, but he understood. Starfleet and duty were engrained on himself since he first realized what Starfleet meant. "I understand, sir." And he did understand, if all else failed, the Black Hawk could not be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

"I wouldn't be a very good Exec if I didn't come along to protect you Captain," Kos chimed in.

"Glad to hear it." Harvey had been planning on having Kos come with him to Engineering if for no other reason to combine her Engineering expertise with Dicon's to get the ship back up and running. "Dicon and Moore, I'll need you both to join us as well."

Mackenzie looked at the two Lieutenants. She had more experience with Dicon, as he'd been on the Black Hawk longer. He seemed a very competent engineer. Security Chief Moore had yet to make a mark in her mind, but she was certain that he would prove to be high quality also.

Dicon hefted the disuptor rifle he had hidden in a cranny for fun times. "I shall look forward to applying most fulfilling pain to our guests, they have damaged my ship, and I take exception to this. Also you will be pleased to know Captain that I have managed to restore partial force-fields. Its spotty but could save you in a pinch." Dicon looked over to the others. "That goes for you heading to the bridge. It should work once, and should take a fully powered disuptor blast, which our friends here seem so fond off. But I cannot promise it can take a second blast. Assume one blast per emitter"

Turning to Doctor Kij, Harvey said, "Deploy your Option 21, Doctor." He looked at the officers standing nearby one by one. "Stuart, Perei, Rogers, help Kij secure this deck. As soon as we restore communications, you'll know."

Perei hesitated unsure of what she should do instead she looked at Lieutenant Rogers and waited for his call.

Rogers nodded his head; "Will do." Rogers then turned to Kij. "Orders?" He asked.

"First, we need to find weapons," said Jayla, slowly formulating a plan. "Then, I need to hack into the comms. We're going to psych them out."

Perei smirked "Good thing you're on our team then." The doctor seemed quite fly by the seat of your pants type. That or her years of expertise were coming into play. One day soon Perei thought that she'd love to hear what compelled the doctor to be, well a doctor versus in command.

Rogers gave a quick grin. "Sounds like a plan."

Sherman pickup Phaser and Phaser Rifle from the down Syndicate, the Rifle had nice sling and hand Phaser fit on the utility belt in the empty hostler he had on it. He made sure the settings on both as he waited to move out.

Stuart offered a wan smile. "Psyching people out happens to me my specialty." She nodded to the doctor. "I look forward to hearing your plan."

Dicon grinned mirthless "Go give them a good prod with your needle Jay"

"Did I miss anyone?" Harvey asked, looking around the group.

Lieutenant Reza was sweating. This was dire and tense situation, and the ship was in danger. The Captain was not quite in control of matters, but he was doing the best he could given the circumstances.

The crimson red skinned woman, brushed her ravenous black hair away from her face and let out a sigh. "I'll be damned if I am going to let them have this starship" commented the woman. She looked at the Captain and gave a nod. "No offense, Captain, but this starship was home to me many years ago. She and I have a connection. You just get me a weapon and the Syndicate bodies will star piling up" added the Security officer.

Harvey couldn't help but smirk at the red woman's response. "Believe me, I have no intention of losing the Black Hawk, Lieutenant..."

"Kyan Reza" she said with a respectful nod at the Captain. "Assistant Chief Tactical Officer & Assistant Security Chief" she said formally identifying herself. Sure, he may have known her. The ship was not huge and she had taken over at tactical a few times. However, she was still rather new to this crew. She had come aboard while a female Ferengi had stepped down as Security Chief and transferred to another starship.

Lieutenant Reza reached up towards her chest and reached down her loose and partially unzipped uniform vest. The Lieutenant dug around for a moment and pulled out three shuriken. She looked at the Captain and smirked. "They should have frisked me better."

"Reza..." Harvey paused, remembering the name on the incoming manifest. He remembered seeing her at a couple shift changes, but nothing more. When this was over, he'd have to get to know more of the crew. "Take point with Doctor Kij. Whatever crazy plan she has will undoubtedly need backup."

A glance to his left told him that they were all standing next to a weapons locker. A couple taps on the controls and the panels flipped open to reveal a dozen rifles and pistols. "Arm up everyone."

"Yes Captain" Perei stepped forward and received the hand phaser some one handed her and stepped out of the way. She was not exactly too keen on getting hurt, but she wasn't about to be stupid and continue to move around the ship without a weapon. There were too many syndicate aboard to allow that.

Rogers grabbed a phaser rifle and checked it over. "Looks good." He stated quietly.

Dicon laughed softly. " We are highly trained officers on one of the fastest starships in the quadrant,lets go clubbing "


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