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Retaking Sickbay

Posted on 05 May 2015 @ 9:36pm by Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Kyan Reza & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Ken Rogers & Lieutenant JG Perei & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael

Mission: Boarded
Location: Deck Four

Jayla chewed her lip as she stood near Sick Bay, staring at the closed doors. The group had made their way to the nearest weapons locker and discovered that the syndicate hadn't bothered to deactivate any of the weapons. "Dumbasses," she had muttered as she handed out the weapons.

Now, they had a rough plan. Jayla was going to announce to Sick Bay (pretending she was addressing the whole ship) that Option 21 was now in effect and all officers should follow the proper procedure. Then, she was going to waltz right in without a weapon or even any sort of self-defense position.

That's when the fun would start.

"Okay," she said, reaching up to tap her combadge. Unfortunately, it made that squadgy-squelchy sound that indicated it wasn't working. "That would've been too easy," she muttered. "Anyone think they can hack into the com systems in Sick Bay?"

Avery shook her head. She knew how to work the communications in sickbay under normal conditions and she knew little about basic repair, but she didn't have a clue how to hack in.

Perei felt a touch of fear at what they were about to do. Her fingers shook slightly as she set the phaser to the standard stun setting. When the doctor asked if one of them had the ability to hack the com system she shook her dark head negatively but spoke up because she had helped move the person to the morgue from science lab one and the odd generator hooked into the computer there. "Doctor Kij, perhaps we could run a cable from the computer from science lab one since its just located down the corridor and hook it to that generator and see what happens when we connect it to the com system here."

"I was hoping for something a little more concrete," answered Jayla, turning to a nearby panel that seemed to be working. "There's got to be a direct way into the com system. Anyone have any ideas?" She seriously hoped there was a way to do this. As the panel seemed to be working, that seemed likely.

"I'm sorry Doctor Kij, I am not very good with communications type systems. If one of the communications officers were here or even an engineer we might have better luck." Perei replied "But I will assist any way I can."

"All right, let's see what we can find," Jayla said, scrolling through the menus. "Door release. Make a note of that, just in case," she muttered to nobody in particular. "Comms!" she said, pressing her finger to the screen. "Here it is!" A few more keystrokes and she had a way to talk to Sick Bay.

"All right," said Jayla, preparing to send her message. "The rest of you, get into place."

Rogers slung his phaser rifle around his shoulder and pulled himself up to a ventilation shaft that watched over Sick Bay. He crawled through till he was close enough to hear the occupants muffled voices, then set his rifle near the shaft's opening, carefull to make sure the pasher, or him, wasn't spoted. He bided his time for the signal from Jayla to open fire.

Lieutenant Carmichael nervously followed the Chief Science Officer into the ventilation shaft. Though his superior carried a heavy weapon, Charles had elected to stick with the much simpler hand phaser. His aim was terrible enough as it was.

Perei helped the best she could and then she too scampered away to one of the various jeffries tubes that would lead her to a position where she could spring out at the correct moment.

Avery followed the rest of the group into position, holding tightly to her own phaser. The counselor would be the first to admit she wasn't as comfortable using the weapon even though she was basically qualified as required at the Academy, but as the hostile takeover progressed, she'd become strangely calm. Perhaps it was because everyone else seemed to be shaking around her, or perhaps it was just that one could only be terrified for so long, but whatever it was, she knew she had to focus on taking the right shot at the right time.

Armed, Lieutenant Reza took the best defensive position that she could take as she escorted the others, providing them with security support. Nobody is dying on my watch she thought to herself. The last thing she needed was a death.

:: Sickbay ::

Nurse Alexa Cortez's caramel colored hands let go, dropping the edge of the blue sheet over Ensign Surok. She'd only seen him a couple times on board over the last few weeks, and she knew he recently graduated from the Academy. The Andorian was eager for exploration and adventure, and it was tragic that he'd never get it.

A Dosi grabbed Alexa by the arm and forced her back over to the other side of the room with the other captives. Their allowance for mourning was negligible. That could happen on the wasteland they'd dump this crew on.

"Where are they?" the leader droned, pacing near the entrance, holding his radio. Those who had escorted the doctor with spots should have been back by now. Aside from holding her hostage for the duration of the boarding, he was hoping to keep her as a prize. He was really starting to think something was about to go wrong.

The comms beeped to life and the voice of Doctor Jayla Kij filled Sick Bay. "Attention all personnel," she said. "Attention all personnel. Option twenty-one is now in effect. All officers are to remain in their current locations. Updates to follow." Then, the comms went silent.

"What the...?" the leader muttered, pulling out his weapon. He trained it quickly on the Starfleet personnel in the room. Their expressions weren't ones of panic or dispair, but of slight confusion.

He grinned and looked at a companion. "It's a parlor trick!" he exclaimed with a laugh. The weapon he still had trained on a nurse, however, told the room that he wasn't buying it. Something was amiss.

After about half a minute, Jayla waltzed into Sick Bay, a look of supreme unconcern on her face. She glanced at the guns which were suddenly pointed at her. "Oh, put those away," she said, sounding extremely annoyed.

Lt. Rogers kept his phaser rifle ready, trained on a syndicate goon. He could feel Lt. Carmichael's breath behind his back. "Give the signal." He thought to himself.

Looking to his left, the leader told three of his companions, "Keep your eyes on them." The last thing he needed was an uprising caused by this doctor. Though that looked like it was happening. Turning back to Kij, he approached her with another compatriot by his side. "Where are my men?"

Jayla looked around Sick Bay with a bored look on her face. "Don't know," she said. "Don't care. Probably dead, if they're lucky."

He couldn't deal with this anymore. The leader grabbed Kij by the forearm and pulled her towards the other captives. "Not as lucky as you're going to be," he muttered.

Ah, good. They were nice and distracted. Every one of them had their weapons pointed at her. "I said to put those away!" she ordered, her voice sounding at once irritated and bored. "They don't work, anyway."

Rogers nodded to Carmichael. "Take 'em down." He silently spoke. Rogers pulled the trigger on the phaser rifle, aimed at the individual to the left of Jayla, and pulled the trigger.

The leader recoiled from the shot. He could feel the phaser's energy eat at his shoulder, but he refused to go down. He aimed right back up at the ceiling and fired.

Rogers turned to Carmichael" That fellow shoots worse than I do! Keep firing!" Rogers ducked from a phaser blast hitting inside his spot, sparks hitting his uniform. "Take this you.. 'pirate!' " Rogers let loose another blast at the fellow, Carmichael doing likewise.

Carmichael nervously fired his phaser, missing each of his targets. If nothing else, his firing was close enough to make the croonies dodge left and right, preventing them from striking Starfleet targets.

Rogers glanced at Carmichael, then grinned. "That's the spirit Carmy!!! You confuse em' and I'll knock them down!" Rogers nodded at Carmichael, hoping to calm the fellow down a bit.

Perei slid out of the lower jeffries tube behind most of the Syndicate. She stood up from behind a bio-bed. Her hands shook while they held the phaser and she fired at one of the men from behind and hit them.

Once the firing started, Jayla grabbed the two nurses nearest her and dragged them to the floor with her. Until the phaser fire stopped, they were safer staying down. "Get down!" She shouted at the rest of the nurses.

Registered nurse Eve Cartwright did as directed, but kept her eyes on the scene. As a senior nurse, she couldn't afford to hide her eyes and cower just in case someone got hurt.

One of the new recruits squealed as phaser fire whizzed by her. "Doctor, doctor that is givin' me quite a friight, I do declare that I will faint straight away." With that the woman literally collapsed against one of the enemy.

Two Dosi turned and began firing at the shots coming from the lower Jefferies tube entrance. For now, they ignored their companion falling to to ground. One gestured to the other, prompting her to start firing at the other captives in hopes they wouldn't be emboldened to join the fray.

Jayla saw one of the goons turn his phase rifle towards the hostage and though quickly, launching herself at him. Her shoulder connected with his knees.

The Dosi's rifle discharged, but whoever just nailed her at the knees caused her hastily aimed shot to fly towards the ceiling. She stumbled and fell to the floor as did the rifle.

Jayla heard the clatter and glanced up to see the rifle laying on the floor. She scrambled for it.

The Dosi looked up to see the doctor in front of her making a move for the rifle. She grabbed the alien by the leg and pulled backwards, hoping to gain a critical second to get back in front of her.

Jayla kicked out with her free leg and connected with something solid. Once her leg was dropped, she made a move once again towards the rifle.

She recoiled from the kick, and the Dosi found herself momentarily stunned. By the time she regained herself, the doctor was about to grab the rifle. Her only chance now was to attempt to stand and tackle her before the rifle was fired.

Triumphantly, Jayla's hand closed on the barrel of the rifle. She pulled it into her grasp and rolled over, bringing the rifle into firing position. But, she wasn't fast enough. The Dosi was on her feet and Jayla's first shot went wide and hit the bulkhead. She tried to pull her feet up to kick her away, but only got her knees in the way before the Dosi attacked, trying to wrestle the gun away from her.

Perei's hands still shook as did her voice "Let her go you, you thing." She fired, the shot went a bit awry and missed so she fired again and shot Dosi in the rump.

The Dosi yelped, letting go of the rifle as she recoiled from the energy dispersing among her posterior. The blast wasn't intended to kill, but the stun setting wasn't concentrated enough to do anything very effective other than cause a leg to fall asleep. Still, she lunged yet again at the doctor, knowing how futile the endeavor would be.

Jayla abandoned trying to fire the rifle and instead swung it at the Dosi, aiming for the head. She missed and caught her shoulder instead. Never mind, she'd take what she could get. She swung again and again, hoping to at least get the Dosi off her.

With the first two swings, the Dosi managed to keep her balance. But with the third, the stun blast had set in. She slipped and fell to the floor, her legs lacking all sorts of feeling. Though she tried to get up, a blast from afar struck her in the chest. The Dosi fell limb, now under the complete effect of a stun setting.

Nearby, Lieutenant Carmichael nervously approached the fallen Dosi, his weapon still trained on her in hopes she wouldn't move. He honestly couldn't believe he'd shot her.

Rogers followed Carmichael checking him out and keeping an eye on the fallen Dosi. "Don't make any sudden moves, ok?" He said to her.

Jayla leapt up and pointed her newly acquired rifle around, but it appeared that the fighting was over. The syndicate goons were all either fallen or surrendered and a couple of Starfleet Personnel lay on the floor, too. Jayla rushed to check on them, but they were only stunned. "Why wouldn't they want to kill us?" she wondered aloud.

"You think they were planning to trade us?" Nurse Cortez asked. Unlike Doctor Kij, Alexa had been on board when the X'annon had been rescued, and she had to treat the twenty or so indentured servants found aboard her.

"That's definitely a possibility," answered Jayla. "Okay, let's get these people locked up somewhere. There's a quarantine area in the ICU. We could put them in there for now."

Lieutenant Reza looked at Jayla and nodded. "We can put them there, but I would not leave them alone. They should be under close watch."

"Good thinking" agreed Jayla. "Carmichael and Matthews, you two keep an eye on them. The rest of us are going to secure the rest of the deck. Well, after we get them locked in Quarantine, that is."


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